The Walking School Bus Program for Peralta Elementary is starting. Three parents have signed up to lead routes! Get ready for the Walking School Bus Launch Event on March 22, 2010 at 8:00am. Parents will begin operating their routes on this day. A Walking School Bus is a group of families living in the same neighborhood, who form a walking group to take children in their area to and/or from school along a set route.The availability of the walking school bus depends entirely on the availability of the parents and what's most convenient for everyone.

What are the benefits to joining a Walking SchoolBus?

  • Improves safety - children are in walking groups, accompanied by an adult when walking to school.
  • Saves parents money by not using their vehicle.
  • Saves parents time when they aren't "driving" the bus.
  • Reduces traffic congestion around the school and adjoining roads.
  • IT'S FUN!!