The coins and bills form the Pennies to Help Haiti campaign have been collected and the final count is $673! Peralta students very generously donated their allowance money, scoured their homes for forgotten coins, and encouraged family members to join them in finding spare change for the victims of the Haitian earthquake. For one month, kids emptied pockets and penny cans then watched their efforts multiply as the collection jars at school overflowed. The funds collected will go to the work of Doctors Without Boarders, an organization that had been bringing needed medical care to Haiti since well before this year's devastating earthquake. Thank you to Peralta's children for proving that every penny counts and for demonstrating that they have learned that their community of caring extends beyond the boarders of their own schoolyard. As always, the success of this lesson is owed in large part to the teachers. So a heartfelt thank you to the teachers who took time out of their demanding days to enable the children to participate and especially to librarian Sonia Kreit who rolled up her sleeves, packed penny rolls, and hosted the school-wide collection jar.

Please take the time to reinforce for your kid/s just how wonderful it is that they opened their hearts and hands to those in need. Thanks everyone!

AuthorSteve Mundro