Mrs. Myers is getting ready for her busiest shopping day of the year: Friday, May 7. That's the day she opens her famous book store to Mother's Day shoppers. This year, she will also encourage shopping for Father's Day. Fathers usually get left out since their day (June 20) falls after school lets out for the summer. So she has decided to put dads in the mix. To make this a success, Mrs. Myers will need lots of volunteers to help wrap those gifts. It's hard to think of a more heartwarming way to spend a Friday afternoon than watching all those eager Peralta students choose gifts for their favorite people! Please let Mrs. Myers know if you can help.

Mrs. Myers is also looking for donations for the store (and, she cautions, you may get your donation back in the form of a gift!). Check your home for any unused, or gently used items that a Peralta child might like to give their own parents.

AuthorSteve Mundro