IMG_9075 by christopher.waters.

The Zero Waste Committee of Peralta In Bloom would like to thank the hundreds of Springfest fun-goers who helped feed the trash monsters Compostina, Re-Run and Lenny Landfill. (Extra thanks to Kag and Ben Nichols for those beautiful creations!). Thanks to all who paused to think before tossing -- is my cotton candy cone compostable? why can't this ice cream wrapper be recycled? -- and the GREAT EFFORTS of the food folks who made sure to have compostable cups, plates & utensils. The Zero Waste Committee is pleased to report this great earth-saving news: Springfest generated only one full rolling bin plus one bag of trash for the entire day!!! Wow. That's it, folks -- from all activities on the entire campus, with hundreds of people enjoying the wonderful outdoor food-and-fun-filled festival that is Peralta In Bloom, only one large bin of landfill trash was filled. That's Peralta's best record EVER! The rest? 5.5 bins of compost and 3 bins of recycling.

So thank you again -- to everyone who helped reduce the amount of packaging and plastic it takes to produce Springfest, to the hard-working bakesale and BBQ volunteers behind the scenes who diligently sorted their trash to compost and recycle as much as possible, to Diana and the Green Team of Peralta students who helped staff the Zero Waste Station (and sacrificed festival play time), and to every child and grownup who paused before tossing that cup or popsicle stick to think about where it goes when it leaves our hands.

If every outdoor party accomplished this, millions of tons of trash each year would be saved from being dumped on the planet -- Thank You, Peralta!