There's just one more week left to make your donation to the Peralta Fund, our biggest fundraiser of the year. About 150 families, or 63% of the school, have donated as of Sept. 23. The goal is 80% participation, and we are getting close to that ice cream party! Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is significant. It is one way we show each other that we are all paying attention and doing what we can.  It also shows others, including outside funders, that we are a motivated community worth investing in.  Please be as generous as you can comfortably afford.

What are you waiting for? Just click the "donate now" banner (left) to get to the secure donation site.

Here's a pitch from Peralta Fund leader extraordinaire, Kira Foster:

September is here.  We're back among the lovely gardens and murals of Peralta.  I am so thankful to see my son surrounded by flowers, art, and music at school.  And not just art and music, but artists like Ellen Oppenheimer and Trena Noval; musicians like Q.B. Williams and Bonnie Lockhart.

I am thankful Susan Killebrew teaches my son how to solve interpersonal problems and manage feelings of anger or frustration.  I am thankful that Sonia Spindt is there to open the library at lunchtime, because he's the kind of kid who doesn't always want to be out on the playground.  I am thankful that his kindergarten teacher had a helper so she had more time to focus on the kids.  I am thankful that if he or any of his classmates face emotional difficulties, Mrs. Myers can connect them and their families to professional support.

And I am thankful for all of you--my fellow parents who, with me, reach into their pockets every September and give to the Peralta Fund.  Your contributions help give our kids all of these wonderful things.  And by doing it together we show them the kind of community we want for them and the kind of citizens we want them to be.

AuthorSteve Mundro
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