Mine are. My cereals are topless & my trash bags are bottomless - but it was all for a good cause. Peralta.

Last week we submitted over 1500 box tops and bonus box top certificates for a total of $192. This brings our current earnings to around $200.

For those that think that this is not really all that much, just think: this is money that would have been thrown away or recycled. Would you take 2 $100 bills and throw them in the trash or recycling? (if, by chance, you answer yes to that question, my garbage can is open for you.)

Please keep clipping those boxtops, we are just under our halfway mark and we only have one more turn-in date at the end of February.

Remember to visit Boxtops Online and sign-up for their newsletter to learn even more ways to earn with boxtops:

  • Clip- Collect those boxtops (100s of items and more added every day - from Avery labels to Kleenex tissues). For you coupon clippers there are many coupons added every month to save while you save.
  • Shop the MarketPlace - Earn boxtops while you shop online. Multitask - work, shop, & earn $ for the school all at the same time.
  • Shop the ReadingRoom - If your making a purchase at Barnes & Noble, need some new Nook titles, purchase it through the reading room and earn boxtops.

Thank you and happy clipping.

-Deb French, Boxtops Coordinator

AuthorSteve Mundro
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