The 2011 Peralta Speakeasy Auction opens tonight, with online bidding on 145 great items—from a year of Peet's coffee, to tickets to Disneyland, to a Girl's Day Out in Rockridge. These items are only available online, so don't wait until the March 5 auction—start your bidding now! Click here to place your bids (hint: there is an index on the left that allows you to view different categories of items). Bidding closes at 11 pm, Wed., March 2.

Want to see the full catalog for all 428 items that will be available at the March 5 auction? Download it here! A hard copy of the catalog will also go home in backpacks on Friday.

And of course, don't forget to BUY YOUR TICKETS by clicking on the auction banner on the left. You can also purchase kid-care tickets for Peralta students. Please buy kid-care tickets in advance so we know how many childcare providers will be needed.

AuthorSteve Mundro