If you love Mother Earth, you'll be ecstatic this Saturday!

Early spring gardening is our favorite. The plants are ready raise their hands and vote their favorite colors to vie for bee's attentions.

Do we need to say it? Wear clothes you love (and that can get very dirty) at Peralta's ever-expanding, freedom-loving, super-productive, blossom-everlasting spring garden party, so you can:

  • Plant hardenbergias along ivy walk on 63rd
  • Build shelving in the greenhouse
  • Greenhouse plastic - wrap another layer
  • North Street Planter - replace broken wood
  • Paint the stump tables
  • Paint and label recycling cans "Food and veggies only - no plastic in here please",
  • Fix irrigation system in the K Discovery area ,
  • Plant poppies in K Discovery
  • Trim courtyard plants
  • Prune roses
  • Paint the blue tree (yep- you got that right!)
  • Varnish middle pod yellowboards
  • Trim and tidy North Street fence

The early bird gets the goodies.

--We're the Garden Committee Team (the rain or shine kind)

AuthorSteve Mundro