Many, many thanks to all those who made the March 5 auction such a special—and successful—evening. From the emcees to the auctioneers to the bartenders to our fabulous organizers-in-chief, Star Lightner and Ann Becker, the entire evening was a pleasure! If you missed it, you can still score some great loot. And some of the pay-to-play parties (which are among the auction's most popular items) still have spots:

  • March 26, 6-9 pm: Panamanian Cooking Class and Dinner - $25/person (2 slots available)
  • April 2, 2-4 pm: Gin Masterclass w/ pro bartender Erik Ellestad - $40/person (6 slots available)
  • April 15, 6-8 pm: Kids Movie Night w/ Ms. Larsen & Ms. Hackett - $20/kid (10 slots available)
  • May 1, 12-4 pm: Soap-making and Fancy Tea Party - $25/kid (7 slots available)
  • May 7, 5-9 pm: Kids' Night Out with the Peralta Girl Scouts! - $20/kid (8 slots available)
  • May 21 (all day): Guided Whitewater Rafting on American River - $75/person (4 slots available)
  • May 21, 5-9 pm: Bacon Extravaganza! - $50/family-kids welcome (2 slots available)
  • May 22, 2-4:30: Kids' Do-It-Yourself Cupcake Party - $10/kid (1 slot available)
  • June 4, 12-2 pm: Peralta Walk on a Secret Trail - $20/family (3 slots available)
  • June 11, 1 pm: Guided Tour of Uptown Oakland Art Galleries - $25/person (10 slots available)
  • Date TBD: Learn to make Lotions, Scrubs, & Balms - $30/person (3 slots available)
  • Date TBD: Wine and Barrel Tasting for 10 at The Winery SF - $25/person (10 slots available) -- this is ON TREASURE ISLAND and should be a really great day!! If someone wants to buy all 10 slots for $200, let me know, you could host a great party.

We also have 2 wine tastings, one at Vintage Berkeley (Elmwood) and one at the Wine Mine (Temescal), which EACH have 15-20 slots available ($20/person). These were great fun last year and raised good $$ for Peralta, but we can't do them without a minimum of 15 people per wine tasting. Vintage Berkeley is currently scheduled for Apr. 1, but could be moved as no one has signed up; Wine Mine is scheduled for Sept. 22.

There are also quite a few other items available. For details—or to purchase—please contact Star Lightner (starlightner AT gmail DOT com)

AuthorSteve Mundro