The following news is excerpted from The Peralta Broadcast, an e-newsletter produced by parent Debbie French. It is updated weekly. Note: The October PPTG meeting will be on Saturday, October 3, from noon to 1:30 pm. It is incorrectly listed as October 10 on the general calendar. See you there!

Peralta's African-American API Tops 800 -- Again

For the third year in a row Peralta's African-American students API scores are above 800. Three years ago, Peralta was 1 of 6 schools statewide with this distinction. Last year, Peralta was 1 of 22. This year, we are one 1 of 57. Both Peralta and Grass Valley Elementary made the list from Oakland Unified School District.


Peralta's African-American students had an API score of 849, an increase of 36 points over last year. Making the World More Beautiful - One Transit Box at a Time

A few years ago, our Artist-in-Residence Ellen was discussing with coordinators of Safe Routes to Schools projects that might encourage walking and highlight safe walking routes. They contacted the Temescal Merchants group and Jane Brunner's office and got permission to decorate transit boxes. The project is included in a City of Oakland Artist-in-the-Schools grant, and the Temescal Merchants have been paying for all the materials. Hamilton Sign on Broadway has been donating scraps of vinyl to Peralta for several years, which are used for this project as well as for some of the banners at school. Last year, 4th grade students in Ms. Rozario's class worked on the artwork for the transit boxes on Telegraph Ave. from Alcatraz to 41st. Seven of the thirteen boxes planned have been installed.

The students worked on this project intermittently most of the school year. Students learned the proper proportions of their bodies and making drawings that used those proportions. Then full-scale construction paper models of the boxes were created and won the approval of both The Temescal Merchants Association and Jane Breunners office. Student’s proceeded to cut out and decorate vinyl of themselves, starting at their feet by making their shoes and then pants, shirt and finally their arms and head. The vinyl is very tricky to work with because it is so sticky. The first box was installed in the spring during spring break 2009.

Ellen, students and Ms. Rozario, along with help from Whitney Garner, Peralta's intern from California College of Art and several Peralta Parents have taken eyesores and created something fun, engaging and bright that is entirely positive.

Take a walking tour down Telegraph Ave. (from Alcatraz to 41st) and enjoy some vibrant art – working to make our streets beautiful.

Backyard Gardeners: Share Your Bounty

The after school cooking classes with Ellen have started and it is always a treat to use fresh fruit grown in our own neighborhoods. If any of you have fruit trees or gardens that are producing, the cooking class will gladly accept donations. Lemons, Apples, Pears - any extra produce is appreciated.

The cooking class is on Wednesday afternoon. If you want to donate fruits or vegetables please give them to Ellen or put it in the teacher's lunchroom fridge (labeled) on Monday or Tuesday.


Here's what students made this week:

Italian Panzanella: Tomato and Bread Salad 1 pound ripe tomatoes 2 cups two- or three-day-old bread, cut into 3/4 inch pieces 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped or torn 1 garlic clove, mashed to a paste with a pinch of salt 1/4 cup olive oil Freshly ground black pepper Kosher salt

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together let them sit until the bread softens. That's all it is - ready to eat. Mmm, good stuff!

Something is Fishy at Peralta - Peralta's Ocean Celebration Coming October 19-23

Soon Peralta students will be immersed in ocean studies, exploring different marine environments through science and language arts, music, and visual arts. Teachers and staff are scheduling many exciting hands-on learning activities, visiting marine scientists, and an Ocean Festival (Friday, Oct. 23).

What can parents and community members offer? Share your connection to the ocean:

  • Help in the classroom with hands-on activities (speak with your room parent)
  • Be a guest speaker – share an ocean experience or related expertise with a class (SCUBA, sailing, fishing...)
  • Show-and-tell about your shell collection
  • Be part of the Ocean Festival – music, make-your-own sushi, scavenger hunt, costumes…the possibilities are as wide as the ocean is deep.
Wheels on the Wagon, Go 'Round and 'Round

We have new bins for the kids’ lunches and it seems more and more students are bringing lunches from home - which makes for some pretty heavy bins. With the new "Recess First" lunch campaign and an effort to make sure all lunches make it to their designated spots - these lunch bins are being moved from classroom to lunch room by way of some helpful wagon wheels.

Do you have a wagon at home that perhaps misses the laughter of children and yearns to join the ranks of the Peralta Lunch Wagon Brigade?

The Peralta Fund Still Needs YOU!

It is your participation and support that is valued - big or small all contributions count. It brings our community together.

We are almost at our goal of having the families of TWO-HUNDRED Peralta students participating. Which classrooms will get to 75% and win a classroom ice cream party first?

Get those pledges in!

It is safe and easy to contribute once, monthly or quarterly via the internet. Far or near, you can direct family and friends to this website. And you can click right here! Check or cash donations are also welcome--just bring them to the school office in an envelope marked Peralta Fund. Be sure to indicate which Peralta student(s) you are associated with. Your donation will help their classroom win an ice cream party!

Please contact Kira Foster with questions.

Walkathon Just Around the Corner - Sunday, October 18

Come help with this awesome schoolwide event! The Walkathon is in need of many volunteers for the day-of (bakesale, BBQ, ticket sales, lap counters, safety and snack stations, prize distributions, registration, etc.). No Experience necessary.

Support your kids as they do their part to support Peralta. If you would like to help and do a shift or two, please contact Cinthia Andrus, or Julianna Phillips.

Meet Dr. Tony Smith - OUSD's New Superintendent

Wednesday, September 30 | 7-8:30pm Jody London has announced that Oakland Unified's new Superintendent, Dr. Tony Smith, will be her guest at a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, September 30.

* Learn about Oakland’s education priorities * Provide your ideas * Compare notes with other public school supporters

The meeting will be at Oakland International High School, 4521 Webster Street, from 7-8:30pm.

Hidden Treasures: Uncover Cash from Your Trash
Safeway & eScrip - 10% Back to Schools

Redemption Time is NOW-thru October 18

Now is the time to check your Safeway receipts!

Your receipt will either note that your BTS/eScrip contributions have been assigned to the school of your choice or it will have a CODE printed on it.

If your receipt has a CODE, please deposit your receipt in the mailbox in the courtyard, OR send the CODE to Dawn OR send your Safeway Club Card # to Dawn

You can also collect these receipts with codes on it - or ask others for their club card #. Dawn will be able to input these items to see if there are any unassigned contributions - which can mean MONEY for Peralta.

October 9 - Receipt Prints End October 13 - Program Redemption Ends

Please contact Dawn if you have any questions at all and she will give you all the details.

Sign-up for eScrip here.

Box Tops for Education(BTFE) Information

Lucky Bonus Box Tops Buy 5 participating Box Tops products - get a 20 Bonus Box Tops Certificate. Buy 10 participating Box Tops products - get a 70 Bonus Box Tops Certificate. Use your Lucky SHARES card and get an extra 3% of qualifying purchases donated to Peralta. Promotion happening until 9/30/09.

Currently, we have over 446 bonus box tops. NOW is the time to send this # into the stratosphere.

Box Tops for Education site and sign up. We have had 14 people sign-up for the newsletter earning us 5 box tops each. Everyone who said that they would sign-up at the PPTG meeting (and took a sweet on the honor system - we're collecting!) Hit the link HERE now. Sign-up NOW before you forget or get distracted. DO IT!

Clip 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products. Click for a complete list.

Labels for Education

Safeway Bonus LFE Points: Did you receive a 100 Points Labels for Education Bonus Point Certificate at checkout with the purchase of any 5 participating Campbell and/or Pepperidge Farm Products! It looks like one of the Safeway coupons that the machine spits out. If so, turn in this coupon to the mailbox in the courtyard.

Campbell Family Products include: Select Campbell's Soups, SpaghettiO's, Select V8 Juices & Fusion, Prego, Swanson Broth, Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Snac Crackers, Frozen 3-Layer Cakes, Frozen Turnovers & Goldfish Crackers.

As an added incentive Campbell's will give us 500 bonus points, if we turn in 500 regular points by the end of December. We can do it. Turn in those points. Watch next week for a tally of where we are towards this bonus.

Take a peek at the

LFE catalog

and weigh in with what you feel we should work toward and send us a note: deb (AT) thefrenches (DOT) com.

Terracycle-Recycling for the Environment & Peralta

Every year BILLIONS of drink pouches & non–recyclable cookie wrappers and packaging end up in dumpsters and landfills across America.

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