News for October 1 though 7

REMINDER: No school on Friday! It's a professional development day.

Thanks Peralta Families -- We Did It!

A total of 168 families, representing 224 Peralta students, pledged or contributed to the Peralta Fund. That's arecord-breaking 74% of families (75% of students)!

Schoolwide Ice Cream Party, here we come!

This year's Peralta Fund Campaign raised a grand total of $52,574 for the programs that support our kids.

This was a community effort. Thanks to all Peralta families, and a huge thank you to Kira Foster for boldly leading the drive! And if you haven't donated and are feeling guilty, it's not too late. Click on the "donate now" button at left.

Friday is Peralta Pride Day

Wear your Peralta t-shirts this Friday, October 2 (and every first Friday of the month), and show your Peralta pride! T-shirts will be for sale in the morning if you find yourself without one to wear.

This Saturday - IS A GARDEN WORK DAY

October 3 | 9am - 1pm Please come help make Peralta's beautiful gardens shine! This Saturday, 9am-1pm, there will be trimming, planting, setting up new barrels (donated by a Peralta parent - yay!) outside the 4th and 5th grade classrooms, and even some painting of the fabulous new sheds.

Please bring gardening gloves, clippers, a saw, and hedge trimmers if you happen to have them. There will be coffee, and treats for the early birds. Thanks and see you Saturday!

School Site Council (SSC)/Title 1 Meeting

There will be a SSC/Title 1 Meeting at Peralta (usually held in the Teacher's Lunchroom) on Saturday at 11am. The Title 1 meeting is mandatory for schools receiving Title 1 funds, and proof must be shown that the meeting occurs. There will be handouts, information on Peralta's program and the intent of the program. It is very important to have some parent/guardian participation at these meetings.

Clarification - October PPTG Meeting Saturday, October 3, 2009 noon-1:30 pm

The October PPTG meeting, will be Saturday, October 3, 2009. It is mistakenly listed as October 10 on the General Calendar. The meeting will be held in the multipurpose room from 12noon-1:30pm toward the end of Garden Work Day. Some food and childcare provided.

These Streets Are Made For Walking

The first week of October marks International Walk to School Week, with millions of children throughout the world celebrating walking and rolling to school. On Thursday, October 8, Peralta students will celebrate healthy and low-polluting ways of getting to school.

So keep the car at home and get out bikes, skateboards, scooters or just plain walk to school on Thursday, October 8. Students will be rewarded with stickers and a one-of-a-kind eraser when they check in at the welcome table. Arrive early.

Raphie Breines (raphiebreines AT gmail DOT com) is coordinating Peralta's Walk/Roll to School and would like to set up tables at four entrances to the school. It would be nice to have at least one volunteer, preferably two, to hand out stickers, etc, at each table. The commitment would be from about 8-8:30am on Thursday morning.

Speaking of Walking: the Walkathon is Coming Sunday, October 18

Come help with this awesome schoolwide event! The Walkathon is in need of many volunteers for the day-of (bakesale, BBQ, ticket sales, lap counters, safety and snack stations, prize distributions, registration, etc.). No Experience Necessary.

Support your kids as they do their part to support Peralta. If you would like to help and do a shift or two, please contact Cinthia Andrus, or Julianna Phillips (see PPTG roster).

Something is Fishy at Peralta - Peralta's Celebration of the Ocean

Soon Peralta students will be immersed in ocean studies, exploring different marine environments through science and language arts, music, and visual arts. Teachers and staff are scheduling many exciting hands-on learning activities, visiting marine scientists, and an Ocean Festival (Friday, Oct. 23).

What can parents and community members offer? Share your connection to the ocean:

  • Help in the classroom with hands-on activities (speak with the Room Parent)
  • Be a guest speaker -- share an ocean experience or related expertise with a class (SCUBA, sailing, fishing...)
  • Show and tell about your shell collection
  • Be part of the Ocean Festival -- music, make your own sushi, scavenger hunt, costumes...
Save the Date: Diversity Unity Dinner November 14| 4-7pm

The Diversity Dinner is Peralta's major annual non-fundraising event. It is the community's chance to simply gather together in celebration of our cultures, visiting with new and old friends and best of all - eating! It is truly the night to enjoy all that the Peralta Community has to offer.

Please bring your favorite family dish to share. Bring your boogie shoes for the 2nd annual Dance Party (which was a huge hit last year). There will again be music and an open stage area to strut your stuff. Participate in the "Map the Menu" activity where you can note where in the world your dish hails from. The Diversity-Unity Committee Cookbook will be available for sale, which was published last school year and includes recipes from previous Diversity-Unity Dinners. Proceeds go to the PPTG.

EVERYONE is invited to come out and share whatever culture they identify with or to just come enjoy.

When: Saturday, November 14, 2009 Where: Peralta Elementary School Multipurpose Room Time: 4-7pm

Family Event: Children, extended family & neighbors included If you would like additional information or would like to volunteer for the event, please contact Marjorie Stamper-Kurn (mstamperkurn AT yahoo DOT com) or Kimberly Read (karead01 AT att DOT net).

AuthorSteve Mundro