No school on Friday, Oct. 9! Our teachers will be students at the de Young Museum for the day.

These Streets Are Made For Walking!

The first week of October marks International Walk to School Week, with millions of children throughout the world celebrating walking and rolling to school. On Thursday, October 8, Peralta students will celebrate healthy and low-polluting ways of getting to school.

So keep the car at home and get out bikes, skateboards, scooters or just plain walk to school on Thursday, October 8. Students will be rewarded with stickers and a one-of-a-kind eraser when they check in at the welcome table. Arrive early.

Something is Getting Fishy at Peralta - A Celebration of the Ocean | October 19-23

Already there are signs around the school that thoughts are turning toward the


and how we are connected to it.

October 19-23 is Ocean Immersion Week.

MARE (Marine Activities, Resources and Education) staff along with Peralta teachers will learn and teach a variety of lessons that align with the grade level focus areas: K - Ponds; 1st Grade - Rocky Shore; 2nd Grade - Sandy Beach; 3rd Grade - Wetlands; 4th & 5th Grades - Kelp Forest. And Ellen is working on multipurpose room/Kelp forest incubation.

It is going to be amazing.

Maybe you:

  • Have decided to bring ocean-related snacks
  • Plan to come with your student to show and tell something about the ocean
  • Will volunteer in the classroom, so that you too can take part in exciting hands-on marine science activities.

Be involved in this whole-school event!

If anyone has access to about 300 white paper painters' hats contact Sarah Pedemonte (sarahpedemonte AT gmail DOT com) or Rosette and let them know. There is hope to have every student create a "habitat hat" to wear at the ocean festival event. (The hats could have a logo on or not, to "advertise" for the donating company).

Any questions, please contact Sarah Pedemonte.

An Apple a Day...Well, if Nothing Else it is Yummy!!

October is Apple month in the cooking program. Apples are included in most of the after-school cooking class recipes.

Below is a great salad that was made in the after-school cooking class on 9/28 and was full of brightly colored seasonal fruits and vegetables. Students did everything: peeling, cutting, mixing and they managed to prepare it, eat it and clean up in 45 minutes.

No excuses - get into the kitchen with your kids and have some fun.============== Cabbage Apple Slaw: SALAD 1/4 Head of purple cabbage sliced thin 1 Apple cut into small pieces 1 Stalk of celery cut into small pieces 1 Grated carrot

DRESSING 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon yogurt 1 Tablespoon Apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon of honey 1teaspoon of brown sugar salt to taste - (mayonnaise made it salty enough for the class)

Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix the dressing in another bowl stir until it is smooth - taste it to make sure it tastes OK and then pour it on the salad and toss. ================= Kids will eat cabbage and love it and the salad looks great!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...Peralta Photographers Needed

Calls have been circulating to find Peralta Photographers.

Current requests

  • Someone to take some shots at Walk/Roll to School Day.
  • Pictures from the Afterschool Cooking Class - Since Ellen is busy helping the kids to cook, it is almost impossible for her to get pictures at the same time. She would love to get some pictures of the class in action.
  • This website! If you have any fabulous Peralta photos - students at work or at play, special events - please let Laura Counts (laura DOT counts AT gmail DOT com) know and they might find a home on the web. (Signed consent forms from all parents/guardians will be obtained before publishing photos, and names of students will not be used. This would not be the photographer's responsibility)
WALKATHON - October 18, 1-4pm

The Walkathon is a very joyful event at school, which promotes healthy, active fun as well as a great way for your kids to feel involved in contributing to their own school.

Your child's pledge form went home in the last Friday folder. Now is the time to get pledges for any amount per lap around the block. Baked items are also needed for the bake sale!

Some clarifications to the information sheet: SUPERWALKER: SuperWalkers are recognized with a very special medal. ONE of the following three things must be done

Walk the grade level’s number of laps OR Collect 15 pledges of any amount OR Collect at least $100 in pledges

Secondly, since the children receive a prize for every lap walked, it is not planned to issue a certificate of congratulation for every participant. If anyone feels strongly about having certificates, please let the Walkathon team know and perhaps you can help make it happen. Cinthia (cc UNDERSCORE andrus AT yahoo DOT com) or Julianna (juliannaphillips AT yahoo DOT com).

The Walkathon is only fun ...if you are there on October 18.

And as long as you’re there, can you lend a hand?

Please help with one shift from the following:

  • Sign-up table set up: 11-1pm
  • Snack Monitors : 2:30 - 4pm
  • Safety Monitor: : 2:25 - 4pm
  • Prize distributors: 2:30 – 4pm
  • <Medal Distributor : 2:30 - 4pm
  • Event cleanup: 4 - 5pm

The Walkathon is NOT a spectator sport. Being there is FUN. Helping is MORE FUN.

Feets and Great Feats Walkathon Grilling -

Did this catch your eye? If so, you belong at the barbecue. Join in staffing the Feets and Great Feats Walkathon Grill.”

Contact the coordinators, Sean (seann AT mac DOT com)and Jason (jdelaney AT request your preferred time slot:

Set up (2 needed) 11:30 -1pm.

Grill or plater/server (total 4 needed) 1-2:30pm

Grill or plater/server (total 4 needed) 2:30-4pm

Cleanup (2 needed) 3:30 -4:30pm

Every shift is a team. Consider recruiting parents you know to work same slot as you.

Peralta Fund Breaks Records! Ice Cream for EVERYONE

The Peralta Fund received donations from 171 families representing 226 students. This far surpasses the schoolwide goal to have the families of 200 students participating. We love ice cream, and we also love that this year's campaign raised over $53,500 to support the programs that support our kids. Beyond that, the high level of family participation sends a strong message to foundations and other funders that we are a united, organized community worth investing in. Everybody really pulled together to make this year special.An all time high of eight classrooms reached or surpassed the 75% participation goal and three other classes were within one or two families of reaching their goal. Well done!

By putting over $53,500 into the Peralta Fund, we exceeded our goal of $45,000 and even took a good bite out of the budget deficit that was looming. Take a moment and really think about all of the programs that you have helped contribute to through the Peralta Fund. Thanks to every family for being as generous as you could afford to be—whether that was few bucks, a few hundred, or more than a thousand dollars. Big and small—it all adds up to a huge hug for the Peralta Community. And thanks to everyone who helped out during the campaign.

Another gigantic THANK YOU to Kira Foster, who led the pledge drive with heart.

5-a-Day with the Peralta Sald Bar - Join the Team!

The Peralta Salad Bar is up and running and it has been GREAT! Please remember that this is a PPTG all-volunteer effort and YOUR help is needed to keep it going!

Can you be at school from 12noon-1pm (any day of the week)? If so, please contact Rose Molloy and get signed up for Salad Bar!

Thanks so much to all the people who have been helping out so far! Thanks to your efforts our kids are a lot closer to their 5-A-Day!

Save the Date: Diversity Unity Dinner November 14| 4-7pm

The Diversity Dinner is Peralta's major annual non-fundraising event. It is the community's chance to simply gather together in celebration of our cultures, visiting with new and old friends and best of all - eating! It is truly the night to enjoy all that the Peralta Community has to offer.

Please bring your favorite family dish to share. Bring your boogie shoes for the 2nd annual Dance Party (which was a huge hit last year). There will again be music and an open stage area to strut your stuff. Participate in the "Map the Menu" activity where you can note where in the world your dish hails from. The Diversity-Unity Committee Cookbook will be available for sale, which was published last school year and includes recipes from previous Diversity-Unity Dinners. All proceeds go to the PPTG.

EVERYONE is invited to come out and share whatever culture they identify with or to just come enjoy.

When: Saturday, November 14, 2009 Where: Peralta Elementary School Multipurpose Room Time: 4-7pm

Family Event: Children, extended family and neighbors included

Peralta Elementary Diversity Dinner 2009/2010 Program Pending

If you would like additional information or would like to volunteer for the event, please contact Marjorie Stamper-Kurn (mstamperkurn AT yahoo DOT com) or Kimberly Read (karead01 AT att DOT net)"

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