Attendance: 12

Oct 15: Middle School info night (Katherine Day and other 4th grade parents have be named to shadow and help) Let’s check in to make sure that things are going as needed.

Peralta Fund/Katherine Day

  • !!!
  • Katherine has been checking monthly donations manually and has found this works better.
  • Kindergarten house parties were attended.
  • Posters were good.
  • Ryann takes over next year.
  • Recommendations:
  • Posters, yes. More lead time on the posters. Posters should be bigger. Our biggest fundraiser deserves a budget for better signage.
  • Growing number of online donations. Can we push for ongoing recurring, so we’re entering the year with less work?
  • We budgeted $135,000 and got $143,445 !

Incoming Families House Parties/Emma

  • 3 parties, one hosted by Emma, other two hosted by 1st grade families (with other veterans there). 17-18 families came, super eager and excited.


  • It’s going to happen. Website is up and launching on Friday. Banners and kick off are this weekend.
  • This year there is the ability to make your child’s own fundraising page which will also help you track your kids’ pledges. If you want help setting up your page, Kelly will be in the library to assist.
  • You’re getting a shirt on lap one!

OUSD and Peralta Volunteering/Sarah

  • Volunteer fair went great!! Auction was covered.
  • Attendance was huge. Several new families were super excited to jump in. Salad bar was covered.
  • OUSD TB test: Everyone must be registered through the volunteer portal. If you volunteer more than twice per month, you should have your TB status filed.


  • Wendy is helping the two lice volunteers from last year to support their lice check (on Friday, Oct 23) and Wendy will need 3 volunteers, who will wrangle the kids, not check them. This year, it will be recorded who has lice for later reference (but kept in private). Last year, the educational component was successful, so it will be repeated (nit-picking demo, free combs, booklets, etc).
  • We need to check how to pay for lice combs to give out.
  • Nit Wits is offering a discount.

DU Committee/Juliana

  • Nov 7: Marching along, but conflicts with Claremont auction. This year, the kids will design the poster. Next Wednesday, if your kid is at PEACE, it will involve poster making. Playground games may be included.

New Business

  • Ms Kemp is staying for the year.
  • Puberty ED info coming.
  • Susan Killebrew has asked if she can take her class on a one night sailing trip on the bay. Anna will not do an overnight, but Anna does many other class field trips (that she fundraises and grant raises for). Susan will fundraise part of the money, but will still need $1000. Susan has done this program before and loves it. It supports her marine science unit and feels very enthusiastic about it.

Oct PPTG Agenda

  • Ice Cream party
  • Ellen cannot do clean up, so we’ll take care of it.
  • 5th grade sponsored meeting.
  • Someone is coming to discuss the Arts Integration program.
  • New SBAC meeting will have better rep.s. Let’s brainstorm what we want to hear from our SBAC rep. (Peralta scored the best in the Alameda County.)

Dates and Locations for Future LC Meetings

  • Strategic Plan was updated in November
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