• Need someone to supervise  almuni that are coming back to work
  • Confirming Ice pickup and how to break it down for snow cones
  • There is a DJ
  • Still need volunteers

Middle School Info Night

  • 40 to 50 people
  • Next year there needs to be a host/facilitator
  • public schools/charters/private
  • Should be neutral. Not totally pro OUSD or pro Private or pro Charter
  • Don’t need to spend time on schools that people don’t have interest in.
  • A lot of parents don’t want to speak on their school so it’s hard to get people to speak.
  • Should have a list to send out of parents that  are willing to be emailed with questions.
  • 7th or 8th grade parents would be slightly preferable to 6th grade parents
  • No teacher currently at Peralta should be asked to talk. 

Auction Update

  • Same Venue as last year
  • Raise ticket prices, maybe $40/person
  • Costco snacks are fine/similar food as last year
  • Really need procurement person!!!
  • What do we not need to go after?  We don’t always make a lot on the items that take the most effort to get.
  • Definitely still need restaurants. 
  • Send letters to restaurants in January but everyone else in November.

indergarten Open House

  • November 12th
  • Juliana mostly speaks. Teachers and Rosette talk a little.

K tours…coming up

  • Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 9.
  • Still need people to lead tours.


  • Sungevity selling solar panels. They want to be a non profit partner. They sell solar panel to peralta parent and the pptg gets $.
  • Should have a list so that people know what partners/sponsers we have.
  • A reminder to older grades.

Stranger Danger Assembly

  • PPTG will probably be paying for it
  • Kid Power??

Diversity-Unity Dinner

  • Core group of volunteers  are all K parents/new families
  • Make Crafts/Photo booth/Dance
  • Wear clothing that represents your culture, even if its fancy
  • Holes…Coordinator for inside setup & MCing for inside events

PPTG Meetings-

  • SBAC results/Talking about data
  • Claremont principal coming to talk
  • Need suggestions for future meetings


AuthorSteve Mundro