Attendance: 20ish

Auction Update with Etienne

Getting things up and going on new software – lots of new changes including less volunteer needs and mobile bidding

We are in contact with other schools about volunteer swaps

Etienne could use help putting up posters – done.

LRPG Yardsale with Chris

April 25th

Looking at reusing the same garages as last year for donation storage

Drop-off enthusiasm is high! Looking at February, at the earliest and then into March


Went well.

Lots of positive feedback.

Want to keep doing it, but we’ll see.

Friday is best, but scheduling is difficult with volunteers, etc.

A thought: at some schools, some volunteers check every Friday.

Budget-OUSD/SSC with Ethan

Lots of interesting budgeting issues over the year as the economy has led to widely swinging budget plans.

The state has funded schools now under the Local Control Funding Formula. Much more freedom, but the K-3 ratio has to be 24:1 at every single school site. 

The district gave us an extra teacher (our full-time Stip Sub) this year to make it work at Peralta. Next year, they will ensure we have the ratio by limiting the incoming Kindergarten classes.

OUSD is allotting funding based on enrollment, title 1 criteria, environmental factors – for us, that means we are losing 30 students, 1 teacher, about $65,000 (which we shouldn’t have gotten). With our changing demographic, new funding, etc we will $145,000 from the district this year.

We’re losing library, lunch supervision, etc, etc, shaving our funding all over the place.

We have an appeal letter into district (which will probably be denied), parents and principal.

We’re going from above average to below average per-pupil funding.

The new formulas are not working well for smaller kids.

Budget – YTD Actuals and draft of next year with Elizabeth 

See budget, for general consensus is that we look at for this year

Support our Teachers

Teachers and OUSD are in bad-news contract negotiations. Things are becoming contentious. So far our teachers have stayed out of work-slow downs. School board meeting next Wed-they would like show of support. Teachers would also like help handing out flyers and organizing house parties to communicate their needs.

Things have gotten more involved at other schools, but we can expect more fallback soon. A strike is not unlikely. petition going around, originating from Chabot teachers.

Volunteering Roles –LC and other major positions

Next Year: If you are not returning, let Juliana or Sarah know ASAP

  • Secretary
  • Volunteer Co-Chair
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Peralta in Bloom?
  • 3rd Grade parent shadow for puberty ed.

LC Chair with Juliana

Juliana is considering another year as LC Chair, but is welcome to another and absolutely needs a shadow.

New Business


Feb PPTG Agenda

Teachers will talk while people eat, 6:30-8:00 is MOSAIC

Dates/location for future LC meetings

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