LC Meeting 10/19/2016

Attendance:  10

Walkathon//Kelly Holland

  • Need 10 more volunteers. Doing better than last year. Hitting similar donation targets (compared to last year)
  • SnoCone/Buck-a-Book/Bake sale are CASH ONLY. Food trucks accept credit cards.

Middle School Info Night//Katherine Day

  • It’s tomorrow! 5th grade parents have sent out flyers in back packs. Emma will send out a reminder tonight. 2 Public schools, 2 Charters, 2 Privates. (Claremont, Edna Brewer, OSA, EBI, NOCCS, Julia Morgan, Park Day, Redwood Day)
  • Claremont Open House this Friday. Wed, November 18, is set aside for Peralta students to come visit (sign up to participate)
  • Letters of Recommendation Policy: Strong suggestion from OUSD that our school not write recommendations due to the strength of the school, strong progress reports and the work it causes for the teachers.

Diversity-Unity Dinner//Paolomee

  • Flyer is done.
  • Programming very similar to last year’s: face painting, photo booth, henna, music (more upbeat, all outside)
  • Is it the right day to start the canned food drive? Eleanor: maybe the drive would be more helpful in March when the Food Banks need it most
  • Please have room parents send a request for music suggestions
  • Tim should be able to give us supplies
  • Elizabeth will provide Paolomee with the proof of insurance
  • Post-Walkathon, flyers will be sent home in backpacks
  • Custodian? ??


  • Livescan: Really great, lots of attendance, appreciative parents. No future Livescan events planned.
  • Finance committee has a short list for replacements. Will need Incoming Families Committee replacement in the spring.


  • PPTG meeting discussion synapse: Everybody agreed that the kids should go to MOSAIC, but there were concerns about how to pay for it and what that would mean to our budget. No vote happened, due to lack of information.
  • We are trying to make MOSAIC work (really really hard)
  • We would need 2 weeks in the spring: one of which is in the middle of SBAC, the other which is the 4-day memorial weekend
  • We have created budget scenarios to accommodate MOSAIC, but the scheduling piece is a block
  • We are trying to see if it will be possible for next year, but it will still be difficult to schedule (but more likely)
  • Let’s vote on it now to include it in this budget cycle
  • Is there another trip/overnight option that would be less money that this year’s 5th grade could go on this year.

Budget question: Can we assume that projector mounting can come out of the Peralta Rising Fund? There is great debate as to whether or not that could be considered a capital expense.

November PPTG Agenda

  • Walkathon
  • DU Dinner

Dates/Locations for future LC Meetings

Eleanor is gone for December meeting and is not able to host the holiday party. So this year we might skip it.

Puberty Ed Parent Night has been moved to Monday before Election Night (instead of Election Night). Do we provide childcare? Consensus is yes.

AuthorSteve Mundro