Peralta in Bloom bake sale

Liz will run it and
Katherine Day will be the back up.

Auction Update

Procurements going well
Volunteering is almost set
Sponsors – still need a few
Rentals for stage/lighting etc. we still need to know that things are going to be there
Food is set.  
Tesla tour
We need to think about who is going to do it next year
Online starts Friday…
Parties for teachers need to be entered

Peralta Fund Recap

Checking on recurring monthly donations
If the recurring donations stop people get an email.  Do we want them to get an email from us to?  YES
Next year we don’t know the enrollment #’s so we make up a number for projections
Get per student/grade amount

$832/per family per year across all fundraising.  If they give more to Peralta fund will they not give to other things

Budget-YTD and Draft for the next year

Where we are…peralta fund we believe will come in on budget
We will make our pledge for this year.  
Demographic shift will make the Peralta fund grow
Bloom has contributed more because the housing market is up
Auction is hard to predict $45,000????
Book fair the same
Peralta in Bloom the same
Yard sale this year but probably not next year $3000 is not worth the volunteer hours
$ is easier to get than volunteer hours
Auction has more potential to make $$$ so the man hours should be spent there.
The demographic is changing. Do the events need to be run different?.  Pay for people to run the event vs. volunteer.
Walkathon…doing really well upped the budget for next year
Quilt the same

Art the same
Music down a bit
Camp not sure about because so much depends on the teachers but putting $ toward it just in case
Mentors going up because we want to pay them more. 6%
Library/student support the same
Lice…more for next year???
Eliminated snack for all school snack, but k will still have it
Chrome cart covered, still budgeting the same because there will be new teachers and they will need new laptops
Meeting $ is down because people are donating more for meals and custodial is down
Camp important decision to make….
need auction results before projecting for next year
Everything else is pretty set.  We feel really good about this year.  We thought we'd be in the hole but with a lot of hard work we are not.

How do we pass the budget?  In April. 
But we need to have auction/teacher clarity
We’ll have more info at March LC meeting

Wellness Update

Lice- School wide check is important but education needs to go farther
Volunteers to teach parents  how to get rid of it
2 checks a year
Raises awareness 


Volunteers ready
Delivery service to school-Mondays.  Long window for pick up.
School gets 30%  in March and 10% after that.
We need to decide.  
Safeway/target going away
Does have an on sight presence, which could make it work better

Peralta running club-

Lets go grant- $8000
Volunteer needed
Maybe older kid volunteer??
Run has to start on campus…school sponsor would be the difficult part
Parent volunteers could run with the children to support the school volunteer

Staffing transitions-

Hired 2 more teachers to replace Stewart and Arbogast who are retiring.
They are Stanford grads.
Others are in flux
Larson is going to stay
Eleanor will be the new PPTG chair
Jan is retiring.  

End of Year thank you’s
Party for volunteers



AuthorSteve Mundro