Peralta Fund -

  • We got to 81%!
  • We need to update the ice cream party poster because that's what the kids pay attention to.
  • We are having the ice cream party.  OUSD policy allows for one event a year that isn't focused on healthy snacks.

Walkathon -

  • Co-Chair Scotia Miller reports that air quality is looking good, and we're great on volunteers (we need 12 more adults; 5 more alums).
  • We have enough donated books - they'll be in the garden amphitheater as a lap prize.
  • Food trucks looking good.
  • Fundraising is a little lower than last year.
  • Should we be pushing it more?  An email a day.
  • Lap prizes - T-shirts with the shoe design; pre-filled water bottles (new design).
  • We were slow on donation volunteers this year, so we missed the opportunity to get Whole Foods/Safeway/Trader Joe's fruit donations.
  • But we may try for the $40 that Berkeley Bowl is willing to give annually - for oranges.
  • Thank you to the Co-Chairs - a model for other PPTG events!

Middle School Info Night - tomorrow night

Diversity Dinner - Welcoming Dinner

  • An idea for having a professional photographer to take family photos that can be shared around the school.
  • Posters - let's repaint two of them to indicate "Welcoming Dinner" - "Welcome Dinner"?
  • The committee wants to call everyone to invite them?
  • "Welcome" isn't meant as a comparison to prior years to imply previously unwelcoming.  It's about a welcome environment in light of DACA and other national issues.
  • Collaboration between Diversity Dinner and Racial Social Justice Group; coherent messaging.
  • Maybe there will be a "Power" month in February.

Pumpkin Patch -

  • it's happening!  We had thought it was a donation, but we may have paid in the past.  We'll wait to see if the guy bills us.

K Open House and Tours

  • Fewer tours this year because we realized that other schools don't do as much.


  • The form that went home worked!  A lot of people signed up for things like Salad Bar and other things.


  • It will probably be March 10 at the Humanist Hall (not March 17) - we should tell people the date.  Let's make sure we get confirmation from Humanist.
  • Co-Chairs - Jen and Kiara (5th grade parents).

OUSD Budget Update

  • OUSD has already asked schools to limit spending on supplies, so Ms. Hendrie is planning to order the amount of paper we'll need to make it through the year.

No December or January PPTG Meetings, unless something comes up.  The LC will still meet.

AuthorSteve Mundro