PPTG chairs: Kristel & Drew

Budget Update

  • Good news: OUSD budget cuts to be made centrally and not from school site budgets for now.

  • Bad news: We budgeted $17K from art grants. Peralta did not get these grants this year.

  • Hopeful news: Peralta Rising fund (money received from Indian tribe a few years back). Should we take out money from the Peralta Rising fund? Balance is currently $84K is in CDs. This fund was one of the reasons we did not get art grant. Consensus is to take out some money from Peralta Rising and use towards technology and capital expenses to fill up the hole caused by lack of art grants and other misc. things. Need to get approval at Aug PPTG meeting to add technology and repairs to uses for the fund and to pass budget using $10k this year.

  • Other highlights:

    • Aides will cost more because will be paid through Oakland Ed fund to be legal employees

    • STIP sub costs 4K more than initial budgeted due to benefits/health insurance


  • Only the three K grade classes will get aides this year

  • Will follow up with Giselle and K teachers on which three aides will continue on

Payment for aides; STIB sub’s and coach:

  • STIPs – Coach, Sonia P & Sonia K

  • Ms. Evermen is covered by site budget

  • Ellen & new garden educator (Will Smith) will be paid by PPTG via invoicing

  • We pay Oakland ed-fund and Oakland ed-fund pays for the aides, with standard witholdings

Registration Plan

  • Different registration plan this year

  • Kristel is organizing forms on website

  • Forms for new students

  • Forms for returning students

  • Forms can be printed out / filled and brought to the school for registration or filled in there

  • Use multiple ways to share information flyers: web / printed copies in backpacks / at registration

  • Parents and children can know the classroom / teacher during registration

  • Coach will be heading morning care instead of EBAC providing it. How do we charge? Voluntary contributions for morning care? Christa will help with accounting.

Welcome House Parties

Shannon Tracey is coordinating this, looking for families to host parties at their houses

Peralta Fund

  • Lolo is heading this

  • Have or not have – ice cream party? Alternatives?

AuthorSteve Mundro