8 adults


Auction Update

Sliding scale on tickets and babysitting offer where the proceeds go to the auction are both interesting new ideas that seem to be working.

Ben’s heading up the bar

Amy Ortega catering the auction

**Needs….Saturday we need a truck to haul some games from Peralta to Humanist Hall.

Maybe uhaul rental. 

There seems to be less communication this year. 

Trying to get pizza volunteered for the Saturday daytime volunteers.


Sold 140 tickets so far.  Average payment is $20-30.  Last year price was $25

$10-$60 seems to be working. 

How much did we sell in advance last year vs. at the door?

They are hiring some of the same tech volunteers from last year to help with registration

NOCCS parents might be helping since we help them.


Volunteer Needs/Transitions

If anyone is leaving there volunteer role, now is a good time to find a replacement so that they can shadow you a little.



April PPTG Agenda

April 12th

Auction Recap

Immigrant Family Defense Fund

Is sanctuary school discussed at school?  Perhaps sharing OUSD’s policy about it so that parents know what to say when their kids have questions

SBAC test info

Peralta in Bloom


Hosts for future LC Meetings:

April 19, May 17



Upcoming in April:

Spring Break April 3-7

SBAC Testing Window starts April 10

(Joy Gray is buying snacks so the kids can have some nourishment.)

Secretaries’ Appreciation Day, April 26- gift and card

Teachers Appreciation Day, May 2

Quilt Raffle


Other Announcements:

The Resurrection of Box Tops for Education

-Bryce Breslin is going to head it.


Peralta in Bloom Update-things are already moving forward on this…

There are people in lead roles.  David, Anthony & Richard

May 13th


Racial Justice Study group-

Meet about once a month.  Similar conversations to DU committee.

Tentative-Series of living room conversations.  Research specific questions and then come together to discuss.

Good questions are being asked. 

Can they give an update at a pptg meeting?


Charles Wilson, from OUSD, recently spoke at a school board meeting about the possibilities of having an equatable school system.

How do we create great education for everyone?  How do we get people to stay in the public school?  People spoke about their options process experience.

OUSD is reaching out to families that have left OUSD to find out why. 



In April treasurers will meet with Eleanor to talk next years budget.

May 31st will be the June PPTG meeting

June LC meeting is normally a party for volunteers at two mile wine as a thank you…

Chris will organize.




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