New Principal

  • Selected!! From Oakland School of Arts – Giselle Hendrie
  • We have PPTG meeting in August where we will pass the budget
  • The new principal will attend the September PPTG meeting
  • The volunteer fair will be held in September PPTG meeting

Other staffing changes

  • New secretary – Kimberly Saechao, on maternity leave through December
  • Interim long-term sub secretary - most likely Jessica Ramirez from Hillcrest

Early care

  • Available starting this coming year: 2017/2018
  • Reka from P.E.A.C.E committed for this
  • Need to get the word out to families quickly so they don't make other plans for care - Communications?


  • We won the grant of $17k for the art program – there are some complications with the existing Insurance
  • Plan to change to Great American Insurance
  • Need help answering questions on the form


  • District used to lease copiers to school and pay for maintenance
  • We had to take over maintenance
  • OUSD decided not to lease copiers this year onwards
  • OUSD has a contract with Toshiba for buying copiers
  • Schools must pay for their own copiers
  • Need to decide whether we can continue leasing Ricoh copiers for one more year or buy new copiers
  • Need to find out what the maintenance cost will be on the new copiers

Diversity / Unity Committee

  • This committee under this name has not been very active this year - more energy in the new Peralta Racial Justice Study Group. Should take D/U COmmittee info down off the website, so the website reflects what's actually happening at Peralta right now. 
  • However, there is a lot of interest in having the Diversity Dinner event
  • Plan to bring the dinner as a singular event back on the calendar (first week of November)
  • Need to recruit a volunteer (or volunteers!) to be Diveristy Dinner Coordinator - just do the dinner. 

Garden days:

  • First Garden Day – Saturday, August 12th
  • Second Garden day – Saturday, September 9th
    • Livescan Fingerprinting available for people interested in volunteering (If you have got this done last year then you should be good till 2020)
  • Garden day – Saturday, December 9th
    • K tour for the next academic year

New PPTG volunteers:

  • Joy & Bryce - New Volunteer Coordinators
  • Kristel Weaver - New Quartermaster: Quartermaster is responsible for stocking the inventory closet (plates; forks; etc.)
  • Need Google Groups coordinator before school starts! - Bryce and Joy are working on this
AuthorSteve Mundro