PPTG Meeting September 4, 2019


Garden Day (new name) - New team of parents leading the garden this year.

Continuing with the ideas of stewardship with the kids; helping parents understand what is going on with the garden; focusing on a little more structure this year so there may be a little more guidance of how you can help if you come; remember you can come for any portion of the time period.

Second Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Livescan fingerprinting for volunteering approval required by OUSD is happening at Garden Day.  Bring ID and $37 (scholarships available upon request).  Ms. Hendrie will check on the list of clearance to see if anyone’s approval has expired.

Brewing Community - Free Coffee first and third Fridays (8:45 p.m. - 9:15 a.m.).  This year it will be in one location, at 63rd Streetlocation.

Paint the Town mural painting at Ayala and Martin by neighbors (not a PPTG event).  Work day - Saturday, September 21.

Picture Day - Roots and Shoots is online, need to order by September 20.

Walk and Roll to School Day - Friday, September 13

Welcoming Dinner - Saturday, September 21 (4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.)

Everyone is welcome to join for school-wide potluck.

Professional Development Day - School Closed on September 27.

PEACE will be open (new system this year - it will definitely be open instead of waiting to see if enough kids).

Book Fair - Need parent volunteers to sign up to help run the cash registers.

Peralta Fund 

This is our biggest fundraising vehicle of the year. Brings in 2/3 of the PPTG budget to support of the variety of things that make Peralta succeed.  Seeking 80% participation of families donating by September 27, in part because helps us qualify for certain grants.  Email went out today explaining how to donate.

We’re also encouraging donations to either Sankofa PTA and/or the Equity Fund, with a goal of a total raise of $15K by the end of the year - “Equity Drive” link when donating online.  An important source of funding is through corporate matching by parents’ employers.

School Site Council 

We have membership turnover based on two-year terms.  Thank you to the ones who have finished.  We also need to fill a District Council for District 1.  Anyone who feels like the District’s finances are opaque, this is an oversight role with voting abilities and visibility into data and important issues.  It is a significant commitment (a few meetings a month).  See parent Bobby Daves or Ms. Hendrie if interested.

Guest Speaker - Ms. Hendrie

The School Site Council has parents and teachers, principal, and staff member.  Ensures that we are using the schools funds appropriately for the goals that we have.

Group activity - discuss with partner about “what is the state of the school?”

Audience contributions - 

Ms. Ana - very grateful and thankful for the support; the PPTG contributions to teachers doubled this year, and it really helps.

Ken - reading partners with kids who are identified as needing extra help; wake up call working with students at Sankofa and Emerson very close by is a good reminder at how well things are working here.

Ms. Hendrie - there is a lot happening here that is not typical at other schools in OUSD, so I want to highlight the riches.  Peralta is in a really good place, and also room for growth.

Presentation (Giselle’s Power Point slides):

Mission, Vision, and Values

Building a School Community

SBAC results from last year

Goals for this year

Mission - OUSD - build a full service community focused on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequality, and providing each child with excellent teachers every day

Vision - joy, skills, competent, critical thinkers, prepared for college, career and community success

Are we accomplishing this at Peralta?  yes, i think so

Core Values from OUSD - Students First, Equity, Excellence, Integrity, Cultural Responsiveness, Joy

Every year we ground ourselves in this, and have this lead our work.  

Graduate Profile 

OUSD Instructional Focus - Ms. Hendrie and teachers continue to participate in continuing education

Network 2 - a division of OUSD schools; a mix of schools with high success and  those struggling

Peralta also has a Mission and Vision - 

Highest standards, arts integration, habits of mind approach

Growth mindset, self esteem and confidence, problem solving

It is a big mission and vision, but it is how we guide our work and approach teaching your children.

Peralta’s Graduate Profile - 

Think about the changes that you have experienced over the past twenty years, and we realize we don’t know the future that our students will enter to be adults.  This is why we focus on creative, critical, thinking; collective communication; value in stewardship.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) - school-wide expectations 

Every kid needs a champion (TED video - Rita Pierson)

Students need adults in their lives and on campus who champion them.

This is driving the pillars of our focus - social and emotional learning happening consistently throughout the campus (equity centered and culturally responsive)

Caring School Community - we are one of a cohort of schools using this type of curriculum.  Developing autonomy in students, student voice, a feeling of belonging.

The notion of response to intervention.  Meet needs of 100% of students.  80% get needs met with classroom teacher.  Another 15% met by interventions; and 5% with intense one-on-one support.

Ms. Hendrie has focused on improving that middle ground, second tier.

Developing a student support manager.

Bringing mental health interns (5).

PPTG funds instructional aides.

This year we have an aide in third and fourth grades, in addition to the younger grades.

After School tutoring.

Community referrals.

Student success team.

504 plans.

IEP (Individual Instructional Plans)

Arts Integrated Instructional Team

How culture impacts students’ learning.  This is about how kids communicate, understand each other, eye contact, body language - understanding what students are bringing to school.  Book - Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain.  Productive struggle, independent learning, growth mindset.  Learning how the brain impacts learning.

What are we basing this on?  Data.

High level results from the last five years.

Enrollment - 325.

Data based on racial demographics.

SBAC results - faculty will be digging in to understand increases in high scores but also in the proportion of students approaching achievement.

Biggest achievement gap, opportunity gap with our African American students, which is about 15% of our population - that does not sit well with me, so that is partly what we are reading about and strategizing how to address.

We have increased the number of African American students succeeding and reduced the number not achieving (moving them into the category of approaching standards).

The strategies for students who struggle meet the needs of ALL students.

Specific strategies for language and math, with goals for both of 90% proficiency for all students.

We understand that our students come from all kinds of contexts, but we fully control what happens here on campus, and truly believe can make a difference for all students.

Given that the numbers are so small, how significant is the data?

It gives us a sense of trends. And it allows us to know the specific students in question who need support.

How do you do assessments throughout the year?

We do benchmark assessments in the fall and the spring.

How do we help the kids with dealing with the things that are targeted to them with racism and sexism?

In the upper grades they can address that more directly, and in the younger grades are more focused on tolerance and appreciation for the broad spectrum of beauty in the class (self portraits, for example).

How does the PBIS work? And is that part of PEACE?

Developed it the past few years in partnership with PEACE.  Sherice participates in monthly staff meeting.

Blueprint Update

Recommendation last week to merge Kaiser and Sankofa on Sankofa campus.

There has been one public meeting.  The final recommendation will be this week.  We will probably find out on Friday.  Then it will be voted on at the School Board meeting next Wednesday.

AuthorPamela Waxman