Budget Update- OUSD

  • Major hole in the budget/ $30 million
  • Possible eventual budget freeze
  • We get less $ than other schools so we will have less to lose.
  • With ousd’s troubles do we want to get in front of it by asking now…like for the auction
  • So that people are aware…a gentle ask???
  • A round up of the fall…looking toward the spring?
  • We don’t want to make it sound too bad though as we feel that we are doing ok.

Budget YTD Actuals-

  • Things are on track.
  • We will end up in a hole, but  we thought that would happen.
  • When creating the budget for next year, maintenance
  •  & classroom supply may go away.  One or both.
  • Grant # should go up
  • Expenses-Art might be up.  Everything else is on track
  • Computer supplies- we spent a lot for new teachers & new classroom
  • All were legitimate purposes.
  • Maintenance is about the copier.  And the contract is complicated.

Auction Update ---

  • March 18
  • Humanist hall
  • 80 corporate donations already
  • Need canvassers to get the donations because that will increase what we get.
  • Christy Pierce is running the pay to plays
  • We have a parent caterer
  • We will need data entry help.
  • Hopefully there will be some outside activities weather permitting
  • Need cash box and square.
  • Less emphasis on day trip type things & of items that are very specific, i.e.size 8 boots, etc.
  • Emphasize local restaurants, local services because they sell.
  • There will be an online element.
  • Online will stop when the live auction begins. 
  • There is less physical space at this venue. 
  • We will put up posters along college ave. 
  • On the auction website…we will give thanks to those who have donated big.

Volunteering Update-

  • Thinking forward for next year…Secretaries
  • We ask that people replace themselves.
  • Long term….how do we get the info out there?  To get a wider group.  We don’t always know who to ask..  Incoming families have less time but perhaps more money.  So what do we pay for verses ask people for their time? 
  • How can we put hours to the specific jobs?
  • It is harder to find one person for a job because people just don’t have the time. 
  • Could we do a volunteer fair in the fall and spring? 
  • Transition period is different for every role. 

De-linking Peralta Safety Patrol from OPD

  • Program is administrated by alameda and opd
  • There are lots of things that are not what we want…hierarchy and it is very competitive.  Lots of paperwork at the beginning of the year.
  • Talking about not being part of it. Stream line paperwork.  And have the values we want …volunteerism, responsibility,, etc.
  • Keep some of the components that the kids like…prizes etc.  what budget would we need.  Couple of hundred $$.
  • Kids are covered through program.  Parent crossing guards are not covered.
  • What are the liability issues if we separate from opd? 
  • We would need to come up with a rewards system.

New Superintendent Search?

  • Do we want to say something? 
  • No

Feb PPTG Agenda

  • *Gender Spectrum Film-
    •  This is the premiere of the film so there could be a lot of people.
  • How much outside publicity do we want to do?
    • Link to other pptg heads?
    • Discussion after with film makers.
    • Push to alumni
    • It is a teaching film.  Likely that others would be interested in coming too. 
  • *Budget update-a few points, keep it simple.
  • *Do we want to highlight auction volunteer roles? Yes
  • *Potential check in on volunteer roles

Hosts for future LC Mtgs:

  • Feb 15 – Wendy
  • Mar 15

Other Announcements:

  • No scheduled events for Fri. Jan. 20-school as usual
  • Rat update – we’ve got’em, the exterminators are coming back again
    • In the office
    • Ms Vollmer’s class

AuthorSteve Mundro

LC Meeting 10/19/2016

Attendance:  10

Walkathon//Kelly Holland

  • Need 10 more volunteers. Doing better than last year. Hitting similar donation targets (compared to last year)
  • SnoCone/Buck-a-Book/Bake sale are CASH ONLY. Food trucks accept credit cards.

Middle School Info Night//Katherine Day

  • It’s tomorrow! 5th grade parents have sent out flyers in back packs. Emma will send out a reminder tonight. 2 Public schools, 2 Charters, 2 Privates. (Claremont, Edna Brewer, OSA, EBI, NOCCS, Julia Morgan, Park Day, Redwood Day)
  • Claremont Open House this Friday. Wed, November 18, is set aside for Peralta students to come visit (sign up to participate)
  • Letters of Recommendation Policy: Strong suggestion from OUSD that our school not write recommendations due to the strength of the school, strong progress reports and the work it causes for the teachers.

Diversity-Unity Dinner//Paolomee

  • Flyer is done.
  • Programming very similar to last year’s: face painting, photo booth, henna, music (more upbeat, all outside)
  • Is it the right day to start the canned food drive? Eleanor: maybe the drive would be more helpful in March when the Food Banks need it most
  • Please have room parents send a request for music suggestions
  • Tim should be able to give us supplies
  • Elizabeth will provide Paolomee with the proof of insurance
  • Post-Walkathon, flyers will be sent home in backpacks
  • Custodian? ??


  • Livescan: Really great, lots of attendance, appreciative parents. No future Livescan events planned.
  • Finance committee has a short list for replacements. Will need Incoming Families Committee replacement in the spring.


  • PPTG meeting discussion synapse: Everybody agreed that the kids should go to MOSAIC, but there were concerns about how to pay for it and what that would mean to our budget. No vote happened, due to lack of information.
  • We are trying to make MOSAIC work (really really hard)
  • We would need 2 weeks in the spring: one of which is in the middle of SBAC, the other which is the 4-day memorial weekend
  • We have created budget scenarios to accommodate MOSAIC, but the scheduling piece is a block
  • We are trying to see if it will be possible for next year, but it will still be difficult to schedule (but more likely)
  • Let’s vote on it now to include it in this budget cycle
  • Is there another trip/overnight option that would be less money that this year’s 5th grade could go on this year.

Budget question: Can we assume that projector mounting can come out of the Peralta Rising Fund? There is great debate as to whether or not that could be considered a capital expense.

November PPTG Agenda

  • Walkathon
  • DU Dinner

Dates/Locations for future LC Meetings

Eleanor is gone for December meeting and is not able to host the holiday party. So this year we might skip it.

Puberty Ed Parent Night has been moved to Monday before Election Night (instead of Election Night). Do we provide childcare? Consensus is yes.

AuthorSteve Mundro

LC Meeting


Attendance: 12


Incoming Family House Parties: Went well

Lice Check: 2/3 of forms have been returned, more specific forms are heading out Friday, September 30 (follow up forms will be more clear in the future. Volunteers needed to escort kids from the classroom to the check spot)

Traffic/Safety: Pick up is not safe (especially on Dana St). Nico, our crossing guard onTelegraph has not been attentive.

Gender Spectrum: Peralta participated in a film and it will be shown at the February PPTG meeting

Racial Justice Study Group: Waiting on coordination with the DU committee, parent wants to lead a discussion regarding racial justice at school. Might lead to school email/PPTG meeting announcement inviting people into a discussion group.

Survey Monkey parent has donated a Survey Monkey Gold account. Yay! (And! In the future, send LC/PPTG surveys through Kelly Holland who is a careerist survey-maker)


Peralta Fund/Ryann Cheung

We are at 67% currently

43 more kids to get to 80% - 213 kids who have donation

At $127,000

Ana Thomas’s class has 8 left and every other class is lower than that.

***A parent asked not to have their donation counted to the ice cream party because she wants healthier alternative options. Possible future alternatives: shaved ice (Ellen style), Kettle corn, ceremonial tree planting, dance party, watermelon, popcorn, class badges

è Pass the “sugary treats conversation” onto a spring PPTG meeting


Launching on Wednesday 8:30-8:45, parent volunteers go into the classrooms to get the kids excited

Banners up over the weekend (Wendy)

T Shirts have been designed and ordered

New things for this year:

  • No BBQ this year, Food Trucks will be on campus (25 less volunteers), We make 10% of total sales, parked near basketball hoop
  • Shorter volunteer shifts
  • Junky prize complaints led rethinking some prizes (water bottles, book lap, etc)
  • Better parent resources to ease the website set up, etc
  • 1/2 of the volunteer slots are already full

OUSD and Peralta Volunteering/Jessica

Clearance process is a pain! We’re trying to make that easier. Livescan coming to campus during garden work day. To drive on a field trip, you are a “unsupervised volunteer” and you need a TB test and finger printing. Once you livescan to Oakland Ed, you are cleared for life. Make sure you are registered (it’s easy if you register before getting any testing)

Communication: send out clear email with all pertinent info (process, forms, etc), put it on the webpage

It would be good to have some day-of volunteers with screens to register people on the Oakland Ed Site.

Early Care Survey/Eleanor & Jessica

Survey sent out and responses have reinforced our opinion that we do not have the numbers to consistently operate Early Care yet there are people in our community who need it. Eleanor met with Sherice and went over Early Care data and, realistically, we have not had a high number of early care users. At this point, we would need to find and the staff person to then be hired by EBAC.


Wonderful program promoting racial/socio-economic justice that was implemented at first in the 5th grade, then rolled into 4th grade. Parents fundraised but we, as a community, decided to roll it into the PPTG budget (fairness, etc). Teachers didn’t want it anymore, so we discontinued it. And we couldn’t really afford it. New teachers are SUPER excited about it. MOSAIC does have space for next school year (May 15-19, 2016). Teachers think they would even prefer to have it in the spring.

From the treasurer: If we meet ALL of our fundraising targets and don’t overspend on anything, we could cover the cost of it, but it ups our risk.

Maybe we shelve it this year, while it’s not built into the budget, and begin next year. *Counterpoint* Maybe we do push it through this year and make it work.

This is a bigger conversation that needs to be pushed in to the greater dialogue

$26,000 ask from a budget that has already been decided.

Eleanor: bottom line- Do we bring this to the Oct PPTG meeting? YES.



AuthorSteve Mundro

First Day of School- Monday, August 22, 2016

We will have tissues and maybe pastries.


Class Configuration-

The class lists will go up Sunday around 5pm.


Staffing Updates

5th: Megan Larranaga-(Ms. Killebrew’s assistant from last year) and Maddy McGuire

3rd: Natalie Ashby-Stanford grad

2nd: Stephanie Neira- was teaching K, but before that was in 2

New school psychiatrist-On-site, Zarah.  She will be in the room where Ms. Meyers bookstore is.  

Still searching for a resource teacher and school secretary.

There will be a new custodian.  Mr. Daniel will be Ms. Nina’s aide.


Welcome Packets

We need volunteers on Saturday at 10.  The more volunteers the faster it goes.


Back to School Night-

Sept.1- Room Parents will distribute directory info.  Need volunteers to do Peralta Fund plug in each classroom. 


September PPTG Mtg – Volunteer Fair

Walk- a-thon, Auction, Peralta in Bloom, Peralta Fund.

Garden, Lunch, etc…

There will be tables for the main 4 and maybe the others.

Make it fun. Treats/prizes.  Get people interested. 

People that are setting up tables should get there early. 

Give parents an overview of what’s to come.

And for the things that are coming up we need the actual volunteers that will be doing day of.

Volunteer flier will be in the welcome packet. 

Find out where the holes are but also what general needs are.

What do people like to do, skills, when people are available.  People want to help but don’t always know how to help.

Parents need to be reminded that volunteering really helps everything run better.

The PPTG funds so much.  And the parents don’t necessarily know it.  It is something to be proud of. 

All these volunteer hours go towards that. 


Peralta Fund-ends sept.30

Corporate funding/match is huge. 

Walkathon Oct 23rd.

We don’t do much about the walkathon before the Peralta Fund is over,  but it could still have a presence. 


Volunteer Needs-

Still looking for Auction chair.  It's a very big job!

Walkathon still needs- Sponsors and donations, lead for food, lead for prizes

In general we need to tell people a realistic estimate of how long the jobs will take.


Teacher Reimbursement-

Do we have a policy for teacher reimbursement? 

A few possibilities

  • Finite amount, 1st come 1st serve
  • Set amount ex. $200 each teacher. 
  • We will pay X% of what the cost is.

Currently we budget $500/yr per teacher.  It doesn’t include the beginning of the year $ that they receive from the pptg.

The teachers have been told about the $500, but they need to be reminded.

Should we rethink our policy?

We could use the PPTG Discretionary fund for this year if we do decide to change the policy.

We could give a note with the $t that they get at the beginning of the year.  “You have $500 more for professional development.”

Eleanor still needs to get cards and put a note in there the card for Back to School Night.

AuthorSteve Mundro

Yard Sale Update...

We need more space to store items.
Two full garages so far
May not be any more collections if we can't find more storage
Day of signs
Need to put up banners
Send flyers to the neighborhood people so they can put them up.
Lost and Found items???  Can they be sold at the yard sale?
Still need some volunteers.
Need to reach out to Claremont about the future of the yard sale.  

Teacher appreciation Day-May 3rd

Emma is in charge.
Parents do flowers.
Kids do the cards.
PPTG does the lunch.

Staff changes

2 new 5th grade teachers
New Berkeley grad & current sf teacher
One new 3rd grade teacher and one other new teacher (both Stanford grads)  but not sure which grade she will teach.  We need to keep the ratio right for K-3.
There might be 1 or 2 split classrooms.

Volunteer needs

Jessica will be taking over Sarah's position
Still need some positions filled:
Finance chair
Co Chair Walkathon
Technology-someone needs to keep the projector & someone needs to be at the events.
The person needs to be at school for the teachers,etc.  A mentor could do that.  Do we need a tech coordinator?  Maybe separate roles.  
Someone keeps the stuff and does the big events and then someone is there to help the teachers fix stuff and upgrade.
Peralta Pride
Traffic safety patrol

Ms Bandy would like to do a fund raiser for the school.  She wants to sell Mary Kay Satin Hand Set and will donate 50% to the school.  Samples would be  in the office. Maybe a booth at peralta in bloom or yard sale..  It would be a two week span of time.
She will do it all.  

Budget Fundraiser/expenses

$15,000 request from Rosette for basic classroom items.
OUSD has taken $ back so we really will need this.  No title 9
Need seat sacks. Projector.  Gauze.  Surgical tape. Cold packs. Etc.
OUSD  will not pay for Achieve 3000 next year.  3rd grade wants to keep it.
Achieve 3000 costs $43 per student..
Reasoning minds –we were getting a deal because of Ms. Hackett but that has run out.
But 3rd really likes using it!
$5000 worth of desks and chairs- Peralta rising paying for that???
We need new computers for the new teachers.

Maybe a wish list at next years auction?
OUSD wall of shame…fundraising motivator
People can see and pay for what we need.  They will be willing to write a check then.

OUSD-cutting from all schools.
They designed it to take money from schools that could afford it.  But really everyone is getting cut.  



AuthorSteve Mundro