OUSD Guests:

Yvette Renteria (Deputy Chief of Innovation)

Jody Talkington (Senior Director of Strategic Projects for the Superintendent) 

Jennifer Corn (Coordinator, Office of Innovation)

Valerie Goode (Deputy Chief, Communications and Public Affairs)

Introduction (Drew Amerson, PPTG Co-Chair) - 

We’re discussing OUSD’s Blueprint process.  We’ll have an explanation and update from Yvette, learn PPTG’s survey results, and present focused community questions from the survey to Yvette.  Then we’ll open to questions (please keep your questions to the topic at the time, and then we can move on to other topics; if you’d rather have questions written down and read, please write on a paper agenda).  Please keep at the center of your thoughts that we’re all here because we love our kids and want best for them, so please respect everyone here.

Yvette Renteria’s Update:

OUSD invited all 150 Sankofa families to a meeting (15 families attended).

They held a similar meeting with Santa Fe, with similar attendance.

They met with the PTA of Emerson.

They attempted to meet with the Kaiser PTA, but Kaiser has not not met with them.

Next step - send out a survey in various forms, similar to Peralta’s survey (but shorter).

Hope to get more quantitative feedback.

She has been giving the Board weekly updates, and the Board has heard from residents.

She has fiscal analysis of the three potential scenarios (Proposals 1-3).

Timeline - August 28 Yvette makes a recommendation to the Board (presumably Proposal 1, 2, or 3).  September 11 Board makes final decision.

School District Surplus Property Explanation:  (Drew)

PPTG Chairs met with Jody London (North Oakland’s representative on OUSD Board) to discuss questions about surplus property issues and how surplus OUSD property ends up in the hands in charter schools.  She shared a legal memo, prepared by a law firm, that she has been relying on.  The steps for OUSD to sell property - set up a committee, inform the public if intend to sell.  There used to be a rule that the property had to be offered to charter schools first, but as of 2016 they no longer need to.

If any of the sites at issue now are declared surplus, what is the likelihood they will go to Charter Schools?  

Jody Talkington - Other legal requirements related to Prop 39 may obligate OUSD to offer property to charter schools if charter schools request use of property and the district’s assessments lead to needing to offer it.  When looking at mergers, we look at what charters have previously been interested in.  If we see a potential vacancy coming up, we keep an eye open for requests for the building.  (Currently no one asking for Kaiser, which is likely to be vacated.) OUSD can decide to use a building for its own purposes, in which case it does not need to assess whether it must offer property to a charter school.

Why does this matter?  How will this affect us?

Yvette - A challenge we’re facing is we have seats not used, so what do we do about it, and how can we generate revenue from some of these situations.  We want to generate revenue from Kaiser, and potentially from Santa Fe (because Glenview will return to its site)

Who could rent it? What type of entity?

Yvette - That’s what the committee is for, to make proposals.  Could be city, non-profits, churches.

Peralta Survey Results:  (Drew)

We shared results by email yesterday; here is summary (projected slides).

305 people took the survey, in response to sending to 500 emails (including outgoing 5th grade families, incoming K families, and teachers and staff).

We have demographic racial data on the respondents (about 84% white).  (Peralta is about 53% white, but that a measure of students, as opposed to family members.)

The survey questions were written based on Proposals 1-3 being considered.

Proposal 3 is a Peralta/Sankofa merger, on split campuses at both schools:

46% strongly disagreed, 17% disagreed (about 64% disagreed or strongly disagreed)

20% agreed

Broken down by race to consider responses from families with non-white members - similar results.

Broken down by K-3 families because those are the ones who will be affected (the change would be in two years, so the current incoming third graders would be fifth graders at the time).  Again, the results were similar.

Broken down to see responses from Teachers

10 teachers took the survey (staff did not respond).

8 answered - all disagreed (6 strongly disagreed and 2 disagreed).

Survey Question - If the results of Proposal 3 had been in place, would you have chosen it for your student?

Results are more spread out. 40% unlikely and extremely unlikely; 40% likely or extremely likely; 20% neutral.

Similar results when broken down by race, and by K-3 families.

Teachers (4 answered - all unlikely or extremely unlikely).

Qualitative Analysis of Written Questions from Respondents -

There were 203 comments in response to questions about Proposal 3:

26.6% opposed to split campus

19% said would improve equity

16% If Peralta not broken, why trying to fix it?

16% Proposal is disruptive to three school communities (the other proposals impact only two)

13% Worry that this would result in lower quality of education

10% This doesn’t save money, so why are we doing it?

(Lower percentages) -

Footprint remains unchanged (both campuses remain open), so why are we doing it?

Don’t trust OUSD.

Would increase seats to help meet high demand for Peralta

Would create a school that is too big

Concern for teacher turnover

Concern about school site leadership

Need more information

Concerns about the facilities of the new school (seismic safety)

Worry that families would leave

We shouldn’t be closing schools at all

Approve because would prevent charters

Resources would be diluted

This would be a Peralta “takeover” of Sankofa

For the other questions we asked, there was not enough time for a breakdown of the responses.  The topics included arts integration, aftercare, community generally, curriculum, equity, facilities, funding, garden, location, music, PPTG, principal, social learning programs, special education, teachers, technology education. 

How likely are you to leave if Proposal 3 is implemented?

23% extremely unlikely

19% unlikely

17% neutral

23% likely

17% extremely likely (40% likely or extremely likely to leave Peralta if implemented)

When broken down by those with non-white family members, and broken down by K-3 families - similar results.

Teachers - how likely to leave if Proposal 3 is implemented?  (7 answered)

1 likely to remain

5 likely to leave, 1 extremely likely to leave 

(At least half, 6 of our 12 teachers, would be likely to leave.) 

From the audience - Underscore the last point - half of the teachers are likely to leave.  You’re destroying the school. On top of one who just left.

From the audience - This was hard to answer because even if we attended the merged school, it is hard to know if we’d stay because it would depend on quality.

Questions from the Community to OUDS(questions presented by Drew, based on questions raised by survey respondents; with follow-up questions from audience):

Concern over split campus - any examples of a successful split campus?

Yvette - We don’t have any in the district. One example in South Bay (implemented as a way to expand), one in San Jose (merged two schools, awhile ago).  Those are the only two examples we looked at.  Don’t know the names of the schools.

How would the grades be split?

The design team would do it, but probably K-2, 3-5.


One principal, and in this case we would want the Peralta principal.  We would work towards an assistant principal at the other site.

Nurses, resource specialists? 

Single, would split time, going back and forth between campuses.  (They currently are not full-time at Peralta; they split time with other schools.)

Drop off and pick up processes?

(Example of Melrose Academy in OUSD, which expanded and his upper grade(s) at a different campus.). Ten minute difference in drop off and pick up times.

Families are doing a lot of carpooling.

How does Proposal 3 save money?

This is the most costly of the three scenarios because not decreasing the footprint, and need more staff (supervisors and staff and both sites)

Does it save any money at all?

It possibly increases enrollment.

We’re not only considering fiscal sustainability - also about improving overall quality

How would Proposal 3 increase enrollment?

There is currently a 200% demand rate for Peralta.  Proposal 3 could open up more kindergarten classrooms.  Potential enrollment could increase because can seat around 600 kids.

Sankofa portables (that were already removed) - Is the district considering putting those back so that there could be one school site for a merged school?

I’ve received feedback on this from the community.  That is really costly ($100K one-time cost).

In that model, aren’t you opening up the Peralta campus for income that could counteract?

Yes, now, thank you for your emails, we’re considering that now because of that.


Sankofa has that now.  Intention would be to keep that.

Special Ed?  

Another equity issue

Based on the survey results, it seems like people would leave and wouldn’t have entered the merged school - have you taken that into account when you assume increased enrollment, when we have no idea?

No.  The Peralta survey data is new to us, so we appreciate that, and it’s a good question.  We can go with any of the three scenarios and we genuinely want to hear this.

What will happen when Kaiser goes to Santa Fe - would it pull Peralta and Sankofa kids because the campus is so big, and then would Peralta/Sankofa potentially fit at Sankofa?

We’re considering that as part of a two-year process, to see what happens.

Where would the new students come from to increase enrollment?  Where do they go otherwise?  

Don’t know.  

If they’re in other OUSD schools, you wouldn’t gain them to increase enrollment.

We want to get our kids into quality schools, not just a fiscal decision.

When our faculty is leaving, you are not going to have the same quality school.

The area is dual zoned, so you could get in if you went through an administrative process, and if didn’t you go to Sankofa - so the equity of our neighbors is a concern.

How locked in are the three options?  Is OUSD open to a different option of a merger if not a split campus?

The idea of building anything is very difficult. Building on Sankofa would have to be a part of bond money that voters must pass in 2020.  Usually Oakland approves bonds, but with currently situation it is risky.

I’ve had my son and grandchildren at Peralta.  There are generations of parents who have put sweat into this campus.  This campus and facility are a very attractive school, so to just pass it off after parents have worked so hard - to view it as something that can just be sold off or generate revenue - it’s astounding and shocking and disrespectful to generations of people.  (Thank yous from others in the audience.)

Why did you pull up portables at Sankofa if trying to increase enrollment?

A matter of timing of another project.  An unfortunate thing.

What would this new school do to improve academic achievement for African American kids?  

A merger will not miraculously improve performance.  A lot of work has to be done.  Looking for examples of mergers of schools to integrate.

Research about school closure - when students go to a higher performing school they do better (Chicago public schools consolidation).

Currently Sankofa has one teacher per grade.  Peralta has two, which allows for collaboration, sharing resources, ability to be more creative.

We have resources for the design team.

We don’t have long-term data on the success of mergers.

Talking about data in different scenarios (closed schools, split campuses, merged schools).

Seems like taking experimental chances with how this will pan out, which is difficult as an incoming parent of kindergarten twins.  Gives us pause.

Does the district have thoughts about the issue of a Peralta “takeover”?

The design team would need to discuss, and meet with leadership from both schools.  Year-long design process.  Or maybe two years.

Sankofa only has 32% of its students from its catchment - how would we protect the Sankofa families that are coming from outside the catchment when the Peralta people come in?

Fiscal concerns are not the only ones, and we’re evaluating equity.  The neighborhood is changing, so changes could happen anyway.  And the opportunity ticket - working group to look at when a school goes through a change, what would be the experience to the students.

This discussion exposes fragility - people may leave - what kind of financial planning is OUSD doing to account for the likely possibility that families with resources leave any OUSD school?  

We can’t guarantee anything, and recognize it is a volatile situation.  There are so many resources thanks to what the families here are able to provide, and Sankofa doesn’t.  We want there to be quality for all students.  We need to be responsible for all of our kids.  We cant make that decision for families, about whether to leave.

But are you incorporating that likelihood of leaving into your planning? 

One thing we’re looking at is surplus property, partnerships with city - ways of revenue generation.

Teacher retention?  

Our talent division has raised retention grants, to work on how to retain teachers.

We did account for some attrition because of change.

We don’t account for the money that families contribute to schools when we do our projections, we only have the information on the money that the schools get.

When you’re looking at the success of a school, how can you not be considering the resources going into the school (from the parents)?

It’s not part of our data.

Peralta is not Peralta without the money and the people’s time and work.

We have seven employees that are completely paid for by the parents.  We raise $320K a year.  The site budget is $80K from OUSD.  So we bring in 4x as much.

Would we become a Title I school?  

Could be a combination.

Where is Chabot in this planning?  They have huge parent input, and if we’re talking about equity, why are they not a part of this North Oakland conversation?

Chabot is about 500 students at full capacity, so it is sustainable.

So are we.

Why are we being included, and not Chabot?  We’re being asked to hold up other schools for social justice?  Based on an experiment?  Shouldn’t Chabot bear part of the burden if this is about redistribution of parent resources?  Can’t just put the burden on the families of the 300 students here.  Have to include the families of the 500 students of a succeeding wealthy North Oakland school (Chabot) instead of laying it all on Peralta.

The Blueprint plans are different from enrollment plans.  Need multiple strategies, and Chabot could come into enrollment changes, instead of school site changes.  You bring up a valid point and you’re going to stick in our heads.

Some discussion about Kaiser closing - how does that fit in with the plan?  

In all three scenarios, Kaiser would move (not close) in 2020.  There is still voting that needs to happen with respect to Kaiser.

If Kaiser is going to move to a bigger campus, how will it impact our enrollment and our demand?  Because a lot of our families live near Bushrod (maybe they’d go to Santa Fe, Kaiser).  

Yes, we’re considering that.

Possibility of a middle school at Sankofa?

OUSD loses the most students at middle school.

Will you have financial projections?

Our expectation is that when we bring our recommendation to the Board, it will include the financial projections.  

We offer $50K design year support.

We also have organizations interested in funding the design work.

We have average out $165K facilities needs. (Signage, paint, moving, teacher pay for moving, renovations).

Varied costs for the different scenarios.   (Kaiser to Sankofa is cheapest, then Kaiser to Santa Fe.)

Are you projecting down the road, how will it look with enrollment money?

We’re expecting 10% attrition.  After year 2 we’ll start seeing revenue generation from losing staff.  Then profit in year 3.

The last example we saw was actually 15% attrition.

And in Kaiser, we know that 1/3 people will likely leave because they don’t live in North Oakland.

Our survey results on teachers’ plans to leave - that’s a huge concern for us, so what can the district do?

Thank you for this data - that is really helpful.  

In the Roots experience, we’ve seen reachers finding jobs for teachers in other schools.  It’s really up to the teachers whether they stay or not.

In another example, the teachers are part of the design process and they’re staying.

How many times have you talked to the Peralta teachers so far?  

Never.  We spoke to the principal, but not the teachers.

Safety of the facilities - is there a plan to make it seismically safe?

The $165K would be part of an assessment for renovations.

It will depend on which school.

The projected cost of the seismic retrofit of Sankofa is $10M - how would that cover it?

Don’t know.

Does it help or hurt kids to be split by grades?  We’re impressed by the cross pollination between the older and younger kids.  Are we losing something?

Agree with working on examples - reading buddies, safety patrol.

This is something we overlooked when thinking about this.

Possibility of other options?

We have to propose something.  We’re not going to propose nothing.

We can read emails from parents to consider options.

We’ll all get a survey from OUSD next week.

PPTG Meeting August 7 which will be to pass our budget.

Yvette will attend.

Jody London couldn’t make it today, but will be here for the August 7 PPTG meeting

Blueprint for Quality Schools Town Hall Meeting: 6/25/19


Position Paper on OUSD’S Blueprint Plan by Bobby Daves, Peralta Parent and OUSD teacher

Blueprint process and proposals - by Yvette Renteria

-Is the deputy chief of Innovation - onboard since November 2019

-Sharing context of blueprint (this is for the entire city of Oakland)

-Idea is that there is a neighborhood school that every kid can go in and access education

-Three main principles: 1) Quality 2) Sustainability 3) People

- Back in Jan / Feb, OUSD engaged with Kaiser and Sankofa for a merger

-Strike resulted in creation of an Ah-Hoc community

- Four dilemmas OUSD is facing: 1) Inequity 2) Vacating Santa Fe campus 3) Small % of students who go to Kaiser live in that area 4) Amount of students in North Oakland region is less than the number of seats available

Other points:

-200 % demand rate at Peralta

-Difference in academic performance between neighborhood schools

-Unfilled seats in Sankofa

-Santa Fe vacating


Three scenarios:

1) Merge Kaiser with Sankofa and move to Sankofa campus

2) Merge Kaiser with Sankofa and move to Santa Fe campus

3) Move Kaiser to Santa Fe and merge Peralta and Sanko to build upper and lower campuses over 2 years

To learn more data about each school, check the public dashboard on OUSD.org.

Dr. Delgado - OEA minority report

-Has a P.H.D. in social and cultural

-Is part of Ad-Hoc committee

-The OEA does not sign the recommendations for school closures

-Note: all closures were considered including the ones that affect East and West Oakland neighborhoods

Main points of the report

-The committee desires authentic support of district schools

-School closures will fuel charter school enrollment which will affect OUSD financials

-OUSD spends $22 million more on administration and $28 million more on consultants

-Potential savings with schools closures is offset by implementation costs and loss of enrollment to charter schools

- 17 out of 18 schools closed in Oakland had mostly African American students

AuthorSteve Mundro

Roots and Shoots

  • Trying to go paperless
  • Kristel will post paperless link

Book Fair

  • $5K/yr income
  • Cash register shifts 
  • 2 or 3 parents for each shift
  • Wed Oct 10 - Sat Oct 13 last day is garden work day
  • Free book if you sign up

Next PPTG mtg: 

  • Ellen will prepare dinner
  • Presentation on famous alumnus, amazing story, 
  • If you want an agenda item added to the meeting email pptg chairs

Safety Patrol

  • Group of 12ish kids that help children get out of cars and cross the cross walk
  • Adult volunteer needed for Thursday morning @ 8:10
  • Also looking for somebody to take over

Brewing community

  • 1st & 3rd Fridays, near entrances coffee and pastries
  • Current chair is leaving need a new chair

Stephen Bloom Presentation (Bloom Homes)

  • Donate portion of their real estate fee to Peralta
  • Daughter is an alum, they love the community and like to continue to support
  • $2,100 from buying home for James Bolton

Peralta Fund

  • Lolo Villarin is the Peralta Fund Lead
  • Largest fundraiser for Peralta, 2/3 of entire budget
  • About half way through fundraising
  • 37% participation, 80% = ice cream party, also critical threshold to qualify us for grants b/c it indicates parent participation
  • Not sure if email went out to kinder families, need to address that
  • Peralta fund needs to raise about $150K
  • Will need volunteer ice cream scoopers and you will be hearing a lot from Lolo in coming weeks. 

PPTG; Kristel introduction: co-chair, we make the school what it is, important roles

  • Treasurer
    • Gathering and depositing funds
    • Reconciling
    • Answering questions
    • Good behind the scenes volunteer opportunity
  • Auction
    • Chair needed
    • Chair makes sure subcommittees are doing their work
    • Largest fundraising event, makes over $50K
    • Subcommittees:
      • party planning
      • gathering of things side
      • tech side (info gets into auction site)
    • Bood for an extravert
  • Peralta in Bloom
    • Spring festival
    • Community building event
    • Need parents to take over the coordinating the event
  • Ms. Meyers book store
    • Donate lightly used items
    • Kids get book dollars and kids by gifts
    • Parent needed to run the book store
    • Smallish time commitment

Peralta Newsletter

  • Raquel is the chair
  • Email her about things to put in the newsletter, including pictures, party publication for PPTG, keep people informed and curate the craziness, interview a teacher or staff member

Salad Bar

  • Brand new chair
  • 11-1, good way to spy on your kid at lunch
  • Volunteers needed

Grant Writing Committee

  • Ryan Brown is the chair
  • Traditionally we received lots of grants but not last year so we need to do some prospecting,
  • Ryan has access to grants databases
  • Need volunteers particularly w/ experience writing grants

Bike to School Day

  • Ashley
  • Two scheduled in Oct and May
  • Could expand if we get more volunteers


  • Oct 14 Sunday, 12 – 4:30
  • Only kid driven fundraiser, kids ask for pledges
  • Large fundraiser
  • Volunteers needed: 90 minute shifts
  • Food trucks
  • Bake sale
  • Music, awards, t shirts

Racial Justice Group

  • Opportunity to participate w/ other parents
  • Discuss racial inequity at school and beyond
  • 4th Tuesday of every month
  • District policies, intervening around budget cuts, info liaison between district and school


Nov 2017 PPTG Meeting Notes:


  • Adults: 32
  • Children: 15

4th Grade and cooking class helped with today’s awesome food!


  • Brewing community
    • Friday, Nov 3 – Dana St. entrance
    • Friday, Nov 17 – 63rd street entrance
  • Garden workday – Saturday, Nov 4
    • Planning daffodils
  • Welcoming Dinner – Sat, Nov 4
  • Prospective family’s night – for prospective families
  • Veterans’ day – No school on Friday, Nov 10th
  • Thanksgiving break – No school Nov 20-24
  • Minimum days conference – Tuesday – Friday, Nov 28 – Dec 1
  • No December PPTG meeting
  • Garden workday & Time capsule – Special event and special alumni guests!
    • Saturday, Dec 9 – 9 am to 1 pm
  • Winter break – No school (Dec 25 – Jan 5)
  • Next PPTG meeting – Wednesday, February 7, 6-8 pm
  • Bloom homes – Stephen bloom realtors – Donates to school: $30 k so far
  • Walkathon – Update
    • Great walkathon
    • We raised $40k - $3k more than last year
    • 223 walkers this year
    • Please complete the survey or talk to Kelly or Scotia
    • Considering doing it earlier this year so it doesn’t conflict with mini maker fair
    • Thank you to all volunteers

4th grade update

  • Ana Thomas:
    • Peralta graduate profile: communicate; inquire; practice stewardship; engage and persist; collaborate; think critically
    • Swapped classes (1/2 hour for 6 weeks)
      • Basic researching techniques
      • Used chrome books
      • Guppies – are livebearers!
    • Make students lifelong readers – Donohue
    • Video on book reviews by Fiona
    • Video on division algorithm by David and other students
    • Marine Science – Thank you PPTG for paying to this program
    • Every single class will be touching marine animals
    • Video from Jayla on thank you PPTG – thank you PPTG for all field trips and marine science program
    • Video on Marine science by Keyla
    • Bigger 3D printing with Katrina – has knowledge of technology; author of book Maxed out
    • Future activities: one model per month; local insects (electricity integrated with art); stained glass window art; archaeology
  • Susan Killebrew:
    • Most important thing – know themselves as learners
    • And understand intelligence – multiple intelligence
    • Intelligence learning in human brain on science
    • Neurons; Synapsis
    • Practice; positive self-talk
    • Example: Instead of saying “I am not good at this” I will ask “What do I need to help myself”
    • Moving into aquatic environments
    • Field trip to Lake Merritt
    • Math – mathematical conversations in the class amongst students
    • Instead of saying “that’s wrong” we say “can you explain your thinking?”
    • Reading & Writing – a lot of reading is about reading as writers so we can learn from established authors with blurbs on the back
    • Future – big boat trip at the end of the year: students learn everything (like hoisting the said and night-watching) they need to do on a ship: year is 1906
    • 2 goals – develop historical empathy and develop collaboration skills
    • Swap was good

Welcoming dinner – Saturday, Nov 4 from 4:30 to 8 pm

  • Still some volunteer positions open
  • Dance class; professional photographer; Passport activities
  • No signing up required for professional photographs

Peralta Racial Study Justice Group (Jonathan; Ellie; Lili, Shannon)

  • Formed last year
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Couple of initiatives
    • Teach – In
    • Equity assessment (working with SSC – school site council)
  • Very excited to be co-hosting Welcoming Dinner
  • Meetings are usually at home but may have some in school this year
  • Community Agreements:
    • Speak your truth
    • Take risks
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Step up / Step back
    • Be responsible for your impact. Even if it's different than your intent
    • Oops / Ouch
  • Discuss more in group and then break into partner groups
  • Ellie –
    • Attended a PPTG meeting inequities in OUSD were presented
    • Two women shared about micro aggression
    • Micro aggression – definition by Jonathan: comment / tone / action given without any malicious intention but someone feeling hurt or harm makes it unwelcoming / discriminating
    • I wasn’t satisfied with the response from the room
    • Similar event repeated in last PPTG meeting
  • Next: breaking into small groups for activity: discuss what feels vulnerable to you when you talk about race? At Peralta in your personal life, what’s at stake?


AuthorSteve Mundro


  • Adults: 27
  • Children: 15

3rd Grade and cooking class helped with today’s awesome food!


  • Shoo the flu went well
  • Walk to school went well; put sticker on chart which is sent for counting on how many walked; biked
  • Garden day – this Saturday 10/7: pumpkin snacks!
  • No school on 13th
  • Middle School Info night – Thursday Oct 19th
  • Brewing community this Friday at drop off alternating between 63rd street and Dana street entrances
  • Walkathon on Oct 22nd Sunday
    • Kids walk around the block
    • Tons of fun things to do
    • Live music
    • Snow cones
    • Big fundraiser - $34k
    • Encourage everyone to participate
    • Start fundraising – collect money directly or use Crowdrise website
    • Need a lot of volunteers
    • On the Peralta website is link to Walkathon page which has link to google spreadsheet for volunteer needs
    • Collecting books next door house at Scotia’s house
    • Need bake sale donations
    • If anyone wants to donate gifts for walkathon please let us know (Scotia Miller/ Kelly Holland)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Patch – Tuesday Oct. 24
    • We get donation of pumpkins
    • Need parent volunteers to offload pumpkins
    • Kids get to pick a pumpkin
  • Halloween Parade – Tuesday Oct 31
    • Do not send your child in costume
    • Costume should be in the bag
    • If you can, come a little early to help with costumes. Great opportunity to take photos!
  • November PPTG meeting
    • Peralta Racial Justice Study Group will be planning something for this meeting
  • BloomHomes School Fund – Stephen Bloom, Realtor
    • We donate to Peralta when you buy your new home with us
  • Peralta fund
    • We hit 81%!!!!!!!
    • Goal was $140K; And we hit $148K
  • Breaking News!
    • New copiers that we paid $20k for should be arriving tomorrow!

Diversity Dinner/Welcoming Dinner

  • Ashley - Envisioning a new vision for DD
  • Bring the whole community to this event
  • Lynn – attended dinner last year but participation did not look diverse
  • PRJSG is also working towards the goal of increasing diversity in school
  • A new vision for DD – want to call it “Welcoming Dinner”
    • Welcoming all families including the new ones
  • Visualize having an ongoing set of events that would work towards inclusion
  • Actively get as many families as possible to the Welcoming Dinner event
  • Plan to invite everyone personally by calling the families
  • A photographer at the school who will take a photo of every family
  • Allison – this is one event that is not about fundraising
  • It’s about welcoming people so they can come and just be who they are!
  • From a K parent – can we tie Peralta Directory with welcoming dinner? Peralta directory is super helpful!

3rd grade teachers (Ms. Vollmer; Ms. Ashby; Ms. Bandy)

  • Multiplication
  • Language arts (Japanese: SUMI BRUSH WORK)
  • Japanese pickle making
  • Science (Cray fish life cycle)
  • Social studies (stories in a time capsule)
  • Found a time capsule in Peralta from 25 years ago!!
  • Team games
    • Mind them on collaboration
    • Collaborative art
  • At Peralta, we give teachers a lot of autonomy

Sara Stone – Network 2 Superintendent

  • Peralta, Chabot and a bunch of other schools in Network 2
  • Sara:
    • Giselle principal requested her to come and introduce herself
    • 2nd year as Network Superintendent
    • An educator over 20 years
    • Grew up in Oakland
    • Worked, teaching career mostly in Redwood City
    • Data coach
    • Moved to Boston for a few years – worked as a principal there
    • Moved back to Oakland and worked as Principal in Redwood Heights
    • Last year I had 10 schools and this year 16 under the network
    • My job: main work is to support the schools
    • Work mainly with the principals
    • Main goal is to be a service leader and serve schools
    • Some examples: little things like facilitating fixing building things in school or big things like legal issues
    • What is happening with consolidations at school site? What is CONSOLIDATION: re-counting of student enrollment after school starts. This may lead some teachers to be pulled out from school sites that are under-enrolled, after the school year has already started.
    • Lynn - can Peralta help other schools in your network?
    • Eleanor – Prop 13! Please support reforming it. And can we not have teacher consolidation in OUSD, and try to make cuts at the central office, instead of taking a teacher awayat the school sites?
    • Blueprint meetings – take the survey.

Auction Update

  • We didn’t have chair at the beginning of the year
  • We send out an ask – and we got responses!
  • Solid procurement team
  • We have catering happening
  • We don’t have a party planner yet. There is a team but no lead yet.
  • If we don’t find a party planner then we may do have a silent auction
  • We had 4 or 5 people who stepped up to be bar leaders
  • We may still need a point person to connect all this
  • So the auction may likely happen! 😊

School Entrance – Doorbell / School buzzer

  • Gates are kept closed from 8:45 to a little before end of school
  • We have a doorbell
  • People in the office get up and open the door for you
  • It is onerous to have to get up and open the door
  • We have an ambassador (part-time person) from the district who is currently placed here to help open the front door when the doorbell rings, so the office staff don't have to do it. But we don’t know how long we will have her
  • Giselle wants to consider getting a buzzer. When the person rings the buzzer, someone from inside the office can press a button without getting up and the door would open. But at this point we don’t have the budget to do the electronics and the camera. This may be a future possibility if the school site budget can fund it. It is around $3700.
  • Feedback: If gates are locked when they are not supposed to be locked, please email Giselle.
  • If kids go out the gate at after school to pick their bikes up they can be locked out. This happened where a girl got locked out and when she was ringing the bell, no one was there to open the door.
AuthorSteve Mundro


Garden Work Day this Saturday, September 9, 9:00-1:00.  We have a Garden Committee that coordinates caring for the garden.  Garden Work Days are for everyone to participate, and no skills are requires.  They are the second Saturday of each month, 9:00-1:00. Bring snacks, if possible.

The Peralta Racial Justice Study Group has a meeting next week, location TBD.  The group thinks about ways to get the Peralta community to think more about racial inclusion and equity, and to think about how macro issues play out in the micro environment at Peralta.  All are welcome.

Volunteer Clearance Procedures.  

  • Peralta does not work without bodies on the ground, and a lot of volunteer effort.  We have new volunteer clearance procedures that started last year, and we were concerned it would deplete our volunteering.  We understand it is onerous, but in order to do the important work, it is necessary to take the steps to get cleared.  
  • There are two upcoming opportunities to fulfill the steps:  (1) Tomorrow, Thursday - Free Livescaning and TB clearance at a location on Telegraph; and (2) an event at school next week, cost $35.  Email to follow with details.  
  • To express objection to the onerous process, email Lilly Smith, the volunteering person at OUSD.  
  • If you received a volunteer clearance badge last year, you do not need to do the process again this year.


  • Peralta Brewing Community - Coffee and pastries the first and third Fridays at 63rd St entrance, starts after the morning bell.
  • Book Fair.  Sept 19.  Need volunteers for 45 minute shifts to work the cash register; 2 people per shift.  Allows Ms. Sonia to work with the kids to pick thoughtful books.
  • Picture Days coming up.  More information coming in flyers and reminders.  Sorry that the second  picture day is Rosh Hashanah.  There is a make up day in November.
  • Walk and Roll to school.  In the past, it has been once a month, but this year we’re going to one in October and another in May.  If someone wants to take over this event to do it monthly, that is an option.  It involves giving out stickers and gifts and promoting walking and cycling to school.
  • Safety Patrol and Drop Offs.  You can drop off students at the Dana St. entrance, and the Safety Patrol of student volunteers help the kids out of cars and into school.  Please do not park illegally.  Parent volunteers, 8:25-8:45, always appreciated.

Peralta Fund.  

  • We’re at 44% participation.  We have until Friday, September 29 to get to 80% to meet the school goal.  
  • We want each class at 80% and the whole school at 80%, which helps us get grant money.  Even if you can’t give a lot, know that you small donation helps us get more money.  
  • Remember to check if your employer does corporate matching.  
  • New Families - guidance on how much to give - we ask you to consider donating the amount that you were paying for your child’s monthly preschool/daycare fee, as an annual contribution.  
  • Can set up recurring donations.

Recap on budget activity at the August PPTG Meeting. 

This year we had the option to pay $20K for three brand new copiers with significantly lower maintenance costs, instead of continuing to pay a lot for maintenance on old, worn out copiers.  PPTG is making that purchase, but OUSD is slow - the copiers might be here by the end of October.

Ms. Hendrie spoke to the group:

  • -Copiers - thank you to PPTG.  If PPTG didn’t buy, we would have had to go down to one copier.  The fact that PPTG raised the funds for this is mind blowing to Ms. Hendrie and her principal peers, and she is very appreciative.
  • -Reintroducing herself as a continuation after Back to School Night - She is from originally from Trinidad, a sociologist by training, and has lived in New York and California.  She started at Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) 12 years ago, an arts based charter school.  She was a principal and a college counselor, and wore a lot of hats.  She also designed programs and services for general ed students who needed extra services but did not qualify for special ed or other programs.  She went back to school for teaching credentials and administrator credential.  OUSD asked her about the opening at Peralta, which surprised her because she does not have elementary experience - but she has administrative experience and a deep understanding and experience with the connection between arts and learning.  She was so moved by meeting the Peralta interview committee and by the environment of our school.  When she got the call that we had chosen her, she was so excited.  She knew Peralta was one of the gems in the district.  She knew she was coming into a well established community, and wants to respect and celebrate our cultural values.  She wants to learn about our community.  (“And then I put gates in!”)  Her intention is that this is a listening year.  She is really grateful and excited and exhausted.  She is learning OUSD, and Peralta, and elementary school.  She loves learning.  She is thrilled to be here.  The welcome has been overwhelming.

Questions for Ms. Hendrie?

  • Does OUSD assign you a mentor?  Yes.  I have a mentor and a lot of resources from OUSD.  I also have my best friend as the principal at Crocker Highlands.  Lots of other support and people I can call.
  • Do you have any plans for fostering racial equity at the school?  Yes.  The reality is that the demographic has dramatically shifted in last five years.  At OSA we intentionally reached into minority communities to have after school arts activity.  But that was a charter school.  OUSD is different in the way enrollment works.  For me, it’s about opportunity - to make this gem of a school available to people - so where do we have access in the process?  I do not have control over enrollment.  But we do have access to communities.  One of the things that has shifted is that people are reluctant to apply because they think they won’t get in - so we can encourage people to apply.  We can convey to communities that their presence is valued.  And also the issue of retaining people - creating a culture to support students.
  • What are the most promising avenues you see for positive change to make Peralta even better?  We made it more secure! (With the gates; more examples of outsiders trying to get into the school and we want to prevent that.)  This community is so skilled at what they do, so everything started so smoothly that it is a challenge to find areas for growth.  That said, we’re going to try having a site counselor for areas of growth:  (1) achievement gap - our lower income black students are performing less well than others, though not necessarily poorly as compared to the state; (2) emotional learning; (3) engagement - inclusive community.  This campus signifies the value and importance of childhood and ownership by the kids.
  • What should we call you?  Kids should call me Ms. Hendrie.  That’s what I’m used to.  I’m trying on parents and teachers calling me by my first name, Giselle, which is new.  But Ms. Hendrie is good in front of the kids.

Community Announcements:

  • -The school year is moving to an earlier start in August - next year starts August 12.  There will be a meeting at Chabot Elementary, September 29.  An email coming with details.
  • -Evolve California - working to recall Prop 14 so that we have enough tax revenue for schools - meeting this Saturday.

Upcoming Events on the Peralta Calendar:

The Walkathon!
Sunday October 22, all afternoon.
We’ll launch a lot more info after the Peralta Fund push.  A super fun event for the kids, who walk laps around the school to raise funds in the community (family, friends, neighbors), earn medals, music, food, snow cones, books.  We need about 100 volunteers to make it happen.  Usually 1.5 hour shifts throughout the day, so multiple people in your family can volunteer.  Biggest fundraiser behind the Peralta Fund and the Auction.

Salad Bar.  We have salad bar every lunch to supplement the provided school lunches.  We’ve started getting our garden produce in there.  Big need for volunteers.  We can’t have a salad bar if we don’t get a regular salad bar staff.

Watering/Gardening - we need volunteers to water during shifts.  We need a watering coordinator to organize the volunteers.  It’s simple and already set up, and an opportunity for people who can’t be on campus that much.

The Auction - the Second biggest fundraiser.  We have a $45K hole in our planning for the year to get some leadership to make it happen.  Planning the auction is admittedly a big job.  We need a person to manage the moving parts, but that person doesn’t have to do all the work.  We have teams:  (1) Procurement (Procurement Lead (starts in November to collect items); Teacher Gift Lead (starts in January to coordinate with room parents); Pay to Play Lead (getting new ideas and soliciting from past items); Gift Smart Lead (team with our technical support)), (2) Party Planning (Catering Lead, Bar Lead, Publicity Lead (an artist with posters and publicity - and costumes/decoration ideas)), (3) Sponsorship Lead to get support from local businesses, and (4) Post Production Manager (tying up loose ends, finalizing sales, thank yous).

Diversity Dinner - A break from the fall fundraising, and giant potluck the first Saturday of November.  Other activities in the yard to allow the kids to play and families to get to know each other.

Peralta in Bloom - Spring Festival - We raise money, but the orientation is more towards celebrating spring and a fun kid event without pressure to raise money.  Second week of May.  We are looking for someone new to run it in upcoming years (this is David Goodwin’s last year coordinating it).  We also need someone to coordinate the grill team.

We’ve made a lot of asks.  Another way to help is that we need someone to coordinate grants and sponsorships from the community because we would love to also raise money from people that are not us.

Go sign up!

AuthorSteve Mundro

Welcome and thank you for coming.

Introductions around the room


First day of school - Monday, August 21, 2017

(That is the day of the solar eclipse.  OUSD may have a plan for observing and/or parents may coordinate a viewing.)

Minimum Days during the first week.

PEACE aftercare program starts the first day. 
Initially just meeting each other; PEACE enrichment classes start second week, forms to sign up for those will be sent home on first day. 

We have Early Care this year!  Starting on the first day, at 7:30 a.m.

Provided by EBAC, the same group that does PEACE.

PPTG committed (during June 2017 PPTG meeting) to cover the cost difference between what parents pay and the costs of the program, up to $5,000.

Are there still concerns about the past problem of parents not paying? (1) EBAC needs to better monitor the usage and collecting payments, holding parents more accountable; (2) part of the purpose of the $5,000 is to help cover if the reason people aren't paying is because they can't afford it.

We also need clarification that kids are not supposed to be here unsupervised before 7:20 (unless in Early Care), so some clear messaging will help.

Early Care is flexible, drop in, as long as you do an initial sign up.

Sherice is the point person for Early Care questions.

How should be best communicate with the parents?  There are PPTG emails, but anything else?  Sherice also emails from EBAC, when back from maternity leave.

  • Back to School Night - Thursday, August 31, 2017.
    • Get childcare, if possible, because not enough room to offer childcare for all kids.
  • Next PPTG Meeting - September 6, 2017
  • Garden:   First Work Day - Saturday August 12, 2017
  • Play dates for incoming families have been happening at Colby Park.
  • Incoming Families Orientation - August 19; 3:00-5:00
  • Walkathon:  Save the Date - October 22, 2017
    • NEED a Lead for Sponsorships and Donations
    • Email Eleanor, who will pass on to Scotia Miller and Kelly Holland

New Principal!

Two members of selection committee reported on process (Sarah Savage and Ryann Cheung):

Met (with teachers and staff member Charlezetta) shortly after the June OUSD community meeting;
Looked at the desires everyone submitted during community meeting - used that and teacher meeting materials to generate six questions to ask each candidate

Interviewed three people after extensive clearing process by OUSD; long comprehensive process by OUSD

Strict/formal interview process, ask everyone the same thing.

Giselle blew everyone away.  A lot of confidence and enthusiasm from the teachers as well as the parents.

Back to School Night will be the first time for large group meeting with her (comes before the next PPTG meeting).

Communication Side Issue:

Should we try a new system for communicating with parents - "Constella" - a new website to login to that can send messages to select groups more appropriately.  A lot of collective skepticism from the group, in part because we don't want a separate system that people have to login to, so a resounding NO. (Currently, we have some google group lists and school-wide blasts.)


Back story - Every June we approve a draft budget (as we did this year), which is a draft until the beginning of the school year because there are typically summer surprises from OUSD.

In the past, schools pay for toner and service on copiers leased by OUSD.  Last year, Rosette asked PPTG to pay for the maintenance costs, to free up her budget to pay for people, which we agreed to do ($15,000).  This year, OUSD decided to no longer lease copiers, so schools can choose to either continue the lease or purchase copiers (without money from OUSD).

Current Decision PPTG Needs to Make on Copiers:  (1) continue to pay the lease and maintenance on the current 2009/2014 copiers ($15,000 annually); or (2) pay for new copiers ($20K for the three machines) and going forward incur $2,000 annual service costs.

Can we do with two machines (instead of three)?  No. Input from teachers, and Rosette previously, is no way.

What do the teachers think? They say the current copiers are old and worn out.  They don't need color or fancy options, but they want a hole punch (only $200 machine feature).

The new machines apparently talk better to Google Docs so teachers can send documents, which they think is important and valuable.

What is the life of the new copiers?  5-7 years.

Is the predicted service cost on new copiers ($2K) locked in?  Does it impact the decision we're going to make? 

Eleanor to email Scotia Miller the proposed contract for new copiers, to review and give input.

Going through Budget Handout line by line

Deficit from last year - Why?  (1) overspending in art and mentors (the aides in the lower grades, and June and Asha - who worked a lot of extra hours last year because we did not have a secretary at the beginning of last year); (2) a grant not paid, but will be and we can use it this year.

Motion for, and official approval of "Proposed Budget 2" which includes authorization to buy new copiers (per handout).  Done!

New Secretary!  (Mr. H left)

Jessica Ramirez, from Hillcrest.  She is temporary, with us until December.

Kimberly Saechao is coming after that, after finishing maternity leave.  Her prior work is with OUSD.

Peralta Fund:

Tell Ryann Cheung (and paper sign up at the meeting) if you are willing to talk to your kids' class during Back to School Night to explain Peralta Fund.

Big Need this year, given the deficit last year.

A specific talking point this year could be focused on the copiers.

Question - Mosaic? - We are out of rotation schedule-wise, so we would have to see if we can fit in.  Are the teachers supportive?  We haven't asked them (5th grade) recently.  So it will depend on interest and availability.  So no money in this years budget for it.  But if we follow up on these questions, it could be possible for next year.  And it may be possible for the fifth graders to do an alternative program.

Volunteer Needs:

We have a new Google Groups person! Vivek Verma

We need a Diversity Dinner Coordinator - Ashley Dawn will do it!  (Just a dinner, separate and apart from the Racial Justice Study Group, which will continue.)
WE NEED AUCTION CHAIRS.  Ideally a 2-year commitment (to train someone during the second year).

What about corporate money, so we're not paying for everything ourselves over and over again?  Walkathon is looking for a corporate sponsor.....

Ideally, we want one person who oversees sponsorships across events for the entire year, instead of it being attached to different events - which we've been wishing for for several years.

We still have 13 classrooms, and we are not aware of teacher changes.  We do not know specifically how many third grades.

AuthorSteve Mundro