• Walk & Roll to School Day - Fri., Feb. 3
  • Garden Work Day -  Saturday, Feb. 11 9am-1pm
    • We really need a great turn out.  We have a lot to do.  The last 2 haven't been so well attended, probably because of the rain but we really need you.
  • Brewing Community - Friday, Feb 17, 8:15-9:15
  • No School-President’s Day - Monday, Feb. 20 - No PEACE
  • March PPTG Meeting

OpenVolunteer Positions

  • Salad bar, we need people every day during lunch
  • Peralta Pride-selling t-shirts
  • We have some positions for next year, secretaries…

Peralta Auction-

  • Saturday, March 18
  • Biggest fundraising event is the Auction
  • Peter & Stacy are co-chairs
  • Theme- “worlds fair”
  • Still need plenty of volunteers.
  • Data entry
  • People to pick up donations
  • Beer/wine raffle

Joel Baum-Gender Spectrum

  • Wanted to do something with inclusion.  Real school, real kids, thought of Peralta.
  • Working for 10 years for gender inclusive environments where kids allowed to thrive.
  • They work with staff and at state/national level. 
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
  • **Film Screening** (
  • Film has been shown around the world. 
  • The purpose is to show people that this teaching is doable. 
  • Kids are the best teachers.








AuthorSteve Mundro


  • Walk & Roll to school - Friday Nov 4
  • Garden Work Day - Saturday, Nov 5, 9-1
  • Diversity Dinner - Saturday, Nov 5, 5-8
  • Puberty Education Parent Night - Monday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Prospective K Night - Wednesday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Veterans Day-No. School - Friday, Nov 11
  • Teachers Thanksgiving Feast - Wednesday, Nov 16
  • Brewing Community - Friday, Nov 18, 8:15-9:15
  • Thanksgiving Break-No School - M-F, Nov 21-25
  • Minimum Days -  11/28-12/2
  • Kindergarten Tours - Wed-Thurs, Nov 16- Jan12
  • December PPTG Meeting - Wednesday, Dec 7

Key Topics…


  • 242 walkers up 16 from last year
  • 75% of kids
  • $37,000 as of today
  • net $35,000
  • Volunteers please fill out surveys

Ice Cream party-

  • Still need 6 volunteers
  • Next Tuesday, Nov 8
  • 12:30-2:30ish

4th grade report

  • Ms. Ana & Ms. Killebrew
  • The classes just did a play about growth mindset.
  • Teaching about different ways to be smart. 
  • Poetry to represent through words.  Telling the story of our learning through poetry.
  • Personal narrative.
  • Science-
  • Human brain
  • Aquatic environments
  • Living and non living creatures-designing experiments.
  •  A fair experiment, what is that?
  • Math-
  •  have to be able to talk about math not just do it
  • Writing & California studies
  • Creating their own museums


  • Coming up with inventions.
  • Weekend watering. Sound proofing-portable.
  • Sketch-model. Prototype.
  • Field study-
  • Study of water.  Gather data for scientific method in the sf bay. 
  • The bay such a big resource. 
  • Jr. coach friendship ambassador. 
  • Make sure new students feel welcome.
  • Make sure all students feel good in the outdoor space.
  • Teachers need help with multimedia.  Professional development
  • Need help centralizing some of the computer stuff.
  • They get equipment but teachers don’t know how to use the stuff.
  • Ms. Susan got a grant that provided 4 Ipad minis but it is hard to share 4 amongst the class.  If anyone has an old one that they don’t need she would love to have it.

Pick Up/ Drop off safety zone

  • Parent volunteers and 4th & 5th grade do the drop off zone so please use it.
  • North St. a pedestrian entrance only.

Can we have anything organized for pick up? 

DU Dinner-

  • 4:30 to 8:00 Saturday, November 5.
  • Dress in cultural attire.
  • Bring a dish.
  • Henna. Dancing. Scavenger Hunt. Photo booth. DJ
  • We need volunteers. 
  • Initial set up, Clean up, etc. 

Racial Justice Study group-

  • Jonathan, 1st grade parent.
  • Within our district there are inequalities for students depending on where they live, economy, etc.
  • Want to meet once a month to explore these issues.  How can we responsibly take action within community, family, school.  What can we do to help kids?

It would be great to have some workshops/speakers on this topic at PPTG meetings as well.

Mosaic: Scheduling Conflict

  • Recap-what is mosaic?
  • Weeklong camp. 3 different schools go each week.
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • 1st there was no teacher support-now there is
  • 2nd didn’t budget for it-but it could work
  • 3rd scheduling issue-
  • There is not enough space for both classes.
  • One of the weeks was during sbac and another during memorial day weekend
  • We will plan on doing it next year.  Budget for it.  Ideal to do it in the fall.
  • Each of the decisions that was made was made with the info we had. 
  • 5th grade teachers looking for another smaller experience for this current year.






AuthorSteve Mundro


Garden Work Day-Saturday, October 8, 9:00-1:00

Livescan Fingerprinting Event- Saturday, October 8, 9:30-12:30

            Google Doc to signup on, come if you don’t have a spot and be on the wait list

            Cal Live scan is also willing to take our overflow

            This is to be able to drive on field trips. 

No School-Professional Development Day, Friday, October 14

            PEACE will be open IF and ONLY IF 20 students sign up

Middle School Info Night- Thursday, October 20, 6:30-8

            This is an event for parents only in the multipurpose room.

Brewing Company-Friday, October 21, 8:15-9:15am

            Morning Coffee and Conversation to support Peralta

Walkathon- Sunday, October 23, 12-4

Halloween Pumpkin Patch- Wednesday, October 26

            Children will be coming home with medium sized pumpkins.

            We will need some volunteers to set up.

Fall/Halloween Parade- Friday, October 28, 2:10pm

            Come help kids get into costumes and join the parade.

November PPTG meeting- Wednesday, November 2

            Dinner at 6pm, Meeting 6:30-8pm


Key Topics----

 Measure G-1 info- Ken Rice

On this years ballot. 

$120 Annual parcel tax.   For teacher raises, arts curriculum, middle school enrichment.

Must pass 2 to 1. Website for more info


School Board-Don Macleay

Currently there is only one progressive on the board.

We need 2 to bring a topic up and 4 to pass it.


Peralta Fund Update-

81% school participation

And we hit the budget targets $100,000!!!!


3rd Grade Teachers Report-

Ms. Ashby presented examples from class that incorporated math and art.

Working on Stone Fox and a writing assignment where the students write the final chapter.

Study of Japan-reading non fiction articles



Need 40 more volunteers.

Fundraising through crowdrise website.

The link has all the information.

If you did it last year, you still have an account you just have to make it for 2016.

Kelly is willing to set it up for you.  Just email her with a picture and childs name.

There will be new t-shirts this year.

Bloom homes sponsoring lap 2 with a water bottle


DU Dinner

November 5

Planning is going great.

Bring home cooked meal of their heritage, wear clothes to represent heritage

Dance party afterward DJ-Denise Dekker

Tues oct 11 next planning meeting



It’s an immersive program that has an in school program and outdoor school program.

Weeklong.  A  lot of focus on diversity issues.

Mon-Fri- sleep in cabins 6 kids/1 counselor who is 15-18 yrs old

3 classes per week made up of low socio economic, mid and high.

Cabins are mixed (2 students per school) in order to get to know others

Learn how to talk to people that are different from themselves

Kids help out with set up/clean up of the meals

Activities include-singing, talking, games

“Cross the line”  kids who've experienced certain things cross the line. 

Example: Who’s parents are divorced?  Who’s experienced bullying?  Etc.

Dinner activity-differential experience to illustrate what people really go through.

Example:  A few students sit at a table with a linen table cloth and a fancy dinner.  A few more sit at a regular table with decent food and the rest sit on the floor with scraps of food.  How do they make it work?

Mosaic consciously works toward bringing people together.  Educating the leaders of tomorrow.  So important to the school with its changing dynamics.


History at Peralta

Been done for 5 to 6 years

Originally families paid, then sliding scale, then the PPTG started to pay.

At a certain point there was not teacher support.

Then it got taken out of the budget.

There are two new 5th grade teachers so it was asssumed that the new teachers wouldn't be up for it on the first year.  And we didn't think that the camp would still be available.

Now we know that the 5th grade teachers are interested but we no longer have the line item in the budget. 


In talking about not doing mosaic, it came up that some of those skills are already being taught here even though it isn’t an over night camp experience.


It is generally our policy not to fund raise by grade


If we say yes how does that effect the budget?  The cost is $26,000.  It would make a big dent in the reserve.  We had a big surplus at the end of last year but with setting up classrooms for 4 new teachers and the loss of title one funding, that surplus is spent.


It might be an incentive for 5th grade, which generally has a weak showing at the walkathon, to come out and raise more $.  Room parents could push.


Parent, “Not many would vote against mosaic.  But I struggle with the numbers, the money.

It is not an easy decision.  What if the 5th grade teachers have a bad experience and then next year we are in the same boat.”


Could we use Peralta Rising?

Background..After the fire the communitypulled together so much that a donor gave $100,000.  It goes to capital improvements.

A lot of the rules for how the rising funds are spent could be rewritten.  But with the current rules it could not be used for something like mosaic.


Its not the support for the program that is the issue it’s the $.  And Mosaic takes place during sbac testing, so the dates may not work out.

Is this going to be a decision for this year or are we trying to decide for the foreseeable future?   Next years budget wouldn’t necessarily have the same constraints as this year. There most likely won't be4 new teachers.

How do these types of decisions get made?  At the meetings?  Who are the people who make these decisions?


How do we make the?.

There are not a robust set of rules.

Most decisions are made through a lot of discussions.

We have a Leadership Committee meeting to discuss what comes to the pptg.


The vote would be whether we all want to commit to this as a school.  Not just 5th grade, because the whole community will pay.

Should we do a survey to the whole school?  Yes

But the survey should be detailed. 

AuthorSteve Mundro


Ms Sherice, head of PEACE, introduced herself. PEACE is running at capacity! Serving around 200 student. Ms Sherice will be at PPTG meetings every month, watching the kids, if you need to touch base.

Eleanor: Our PPTG president


DON’T BLOCK DRIVEWAYS! Please be law abiding and courteous parkers.  Pet Food Express in the mornings, be aware of Street Cleaning on Mondays and Tues

Garden Work Day: Sat, Sept 10, 9am-1pm

Leah Rivers: Beautiful gardens come with work. Second Saturday of every month, bring the kids (who get to play)! This month’s will focus on painting picnic tables and the K-Pod gardens. Bring your own tools if you have them.

Brewing Community: Sept 15, 8:15am-9:15am

Once a month opportunity to get coffee and pastries with other Peralta parents outside the 63rd st entrance

Fall Book Fair-Sept 20th-23rd

Sonia will send out more info. Send kids to school with money or stop by after school to buy Scholastic books.

Picture Day Sept26th/28th

Next PPTG- Oct 5

Bloom Homes:

Local real estate agents and Peralta parents donate a percentage of their commission when they sell/buy a house through a Peralta referral. Have raised over $15,000 for Peralta to date. Today, a check for $2400 was presented.

Peralta Fund: Ryann Cheung

Currently at 45% participation, but we need to continue to push for recurring donations and collecting from the families who have not yet donated. Ryann also explained that ALL PLEDGES count towards today’s total, even if they are deferred payments for later in the year. The 80% target is crucial for qualifying for important grants that the schools need. Also, now is a good time to look into corporate matching and set that up. All recurring donations count to the participation totals, but please confirm with Ryann whether your donations continue through this school year.

Why Volunteer? : Eleanor

This school has changed a lot in the past few years, but we are still in the OUSD, one of the most underfunded districts in the country. As a community, we have decided to come together to provide our children with the things we believe every student is entitled to.

Jessica Sandow: Our new Volunteer Coordinator!! Looking for a Peralta Pride coordinator (tshirts, etc), Finance chairs, Design/Publicity people needed, Community-Communications volunteer

***Book Fair:

  • Need 4 volunteers for 15 minute shifts (lunch shifts 11:45-12:45, afterschool shifts for 30 minutes). Chaos, lots of kids, lots of excitement. Free book to volunteers.

***Walkathon: Sunday, October 23

  • Lots of volunteers needed to register, set up, support, etc
  • Middle Schoolers are welcome to volunteer!
  • Food options are still being explored, but if you know you want to BBQ, contact Kelly

***Diversity Unity Dinner, November 5

  • Not a fundraiser! Just a super fun party
  • Bring a dish to share and your entire family (even extended, neighbors, etc)
  • Some organization set up needed, but pretty limited in scope.

***Auction, March 18 (pending)

  • We need Auction co-chairs!! Right now, the auction is the only committee without a chair
  • If you enjoy planning, organizing and have some friends that you can bring in, it’s a great job for you.
  • The Auction represents a quarter of our revenue!

***Room Parents:

  • Still have 5 openings: 5th grade, Ms Larsen, Mr Davis, Ms Holdman

***Garden Committee:

  • Every second Saturday , help is needed to work in the gardens
  • A watering coordinator is needed (just a scheduler, not a waterer)
  • This year we have an Edible Garden Manager to focus volunteer help, work with kids, etc

***Safety Patrol:

  • The drop off zone (Dana St) is staffed by one parent volunteer and 4th and 5th graders in the mornings. The Safety Patrol is run is cooperation with Oakland PD

***Salad Bar:

  • We need people to come in and serve salad to the children during lunch (M-F 11:15-1:00). Frequency is completely up to you but people ARE NEEDED. Super fun way to hang with the kids.

***Peralta in Bloom

  • We’ll get to that in the spring

Principal’s Report

We hired a secretary!! Helio Rodriguez, still learning the systems-Jan has been providing support during the change and MANY THANKS to Asha and June

New teachers felt very supported by the PPTG and would like to pass on thanks

Registrar of Voters need a polling place in the area- if you know someone who might have an available polling place, contact Ken Rice. Rosette thought about offering the school but was not comfortable with strangers on campus.

Volunteer sign up: Chaperones MUST BE FINGERPRINTED

More flyers going home tomorrow: Pinworm and Hand Foot and Mouth is going around

Halloween in on a Monday… Peralta might move Halloween to a Friday… or Halloween might be canceled. TBD. Parents voted to move to Friday. 

AuthorSteve Mundro


  • Garden Work Day - Saturday, Aug 13
    • Need lots of families to come help put out wood chips and do general sprucing to get ready for start of school.
    • We are in process of hiring a new garden manager.  (Ms. Gabby will still work with the PEACE program in the garden)
  • Incoming Family Playdates – Colby Park -Aug 6, 7, 13 – open to all incoming families
  • Incoming Families Orientation- Saturday, August 20, 3:00-5:00p.m.
  • First Day of School – August 22
  • Minimum Days Week - August 22-26 - 1:30 pick up
  • Back to School Night - Thursday, Sept 1
    • Limited Childcare at Back to School Night: Please make other arrangements
    • 6:30-7:45 – a great way to get to know your kid’s class schedule and teacher
  • No School Monday Sept 5th - Labor Day
  • Next PPTG Meeting - Wed., Sept 7 - Come out and learn more about volunteer needs for the upcoming year


Personnel Changes – New Teachers

We have four new teachers – 2nd, 3rd and both 5th grade classes.  Rosette is very excited about the new staff members.

Classes for this year will be two per grade, with the exception of a 1st/2nd split class.

Mr. Davis has moved into Ms. Arbogast’s old room to allow 2nd grades to be co-located

PEACE Changes – Early Care

This was an EBAC decision because we didn’t meet required minimum of 7 committed families each month.

8:20 is when yard is supervised, so please do not drop children off before then

Budget Report

We ended last year with a $45K surplus – owing primarily  to increased Peralta Fund giving and corporate matching.

New budget items - $15K for copier maintenance, $15K to set up new classrooms for new teachers.   Loss of Title 1 funding means we get less money from OUSD so Rosette asked PPTG to pick up copier maintenance so she can use her funds for other things.

Mentors were given a raise this year.

Spent $0 in earthquake supplies last year, but have funds in budget to replace items that expire (food, etc)

Peralta Fund

Peralta Fund starts up at the beginning of school.  Ryann will need a speaker per classroom to talk about the fund at Back to School night.

Volunteer Needs

Major needs:

  • Peralta Pride – t-shirt sales plus program expansion of how we show pride in our school
  • Auction co-chairs
  • Yahoo group moderator

Incoming Families Parties

Parties will be Aug 27, 28; Sept 10-11 – inc oming families can sign up at the Orientation or by emailing Emma.  

We could use a few ‘rising’ 1st grade families to help with the parties (all hosts are secured)


AuthorSteve Mundro