1. Peralta Fund:

Peralta fund received $130,000+ in pledges!

Amazing job Katherine!

2. “Shoo the Flu”

Fliers sent around; teachers will be handing out the flier/packet to your child. If you have any questions, just ask.

3. Brew Committee is Friday/along w/ Peralta Pride Day and “Halloween Costume Boo-tique” every Friday till Halloween--bring any costumes you want to donate/purchase any costumes you like.

4. Walk and Roll next Wednesday--holographic rulers will be given away, too cool.

5. GWD is next Saturday, 10/11. There will be a workshop on pruning given by Suzanne Smith-Wiseman starting at 10 am. Great opportunity to ask and have answered your pruning questions. It will be Kindergarten sponsored day but all encouraged to show up.

6. 10/10 no school; PEACE if enough people sign up ahead of time.

7. Halloween Pumpkin Patch will be happening at Peralta on Monday 10/27. Your child will likely come home with at least one pumpkin at no charge. Will need volunteers to help unload the pumpkins

8. Fall festival/min day 10/29--10/31 min days; On Halloween, there will be a school parade where all the students walk around the blocks surrounding Peralta in costumes.

9. Next PPTG Nov 5th--same as always; Dinner (prepared by Ellen and the kids) from 6 to 6:30; PPTG 6:30 till 8pm. Free child care!



Volunteer Needs: 3 positions actively recruiting

1. Auction shadow/Co-chair; or anyone willing to chair big chunks--ideally looking for first grade parent who will be able to chair the auction for the next couple of years.
2. Puberty education coordinator--ideal for 4th 5th grade parent; 7-10 day commitment

-make sure all permission slips go home and come back
-be available for first day to help get real time authorization for kids, i.e. call the parents of the kids who forgot their permission slips so we can get real time authorization. -Puberty education takes place in 5th grade at Peralta.
3. Communication Rock Star:
-needed last week of summer before school starts to head up a team to collate packets that go home the first day of school; list of papers is provided, just need someone to lead.
-ongoing is to attend LC mtg and report back to Rosette for all important events coming up; great way to get into LC;

Girl Scouts:
Shawan here to discuss GSA; STEM program that GS have been working with for the past 10 yrs;
brief presentation given
hands on activity program for 1.5 to 2 hrs for 15 weeks during the after school program
2 instructors provided
We are trying to see who would be interested; girls only; exposes girls to math/science to encourage them to go in to those fields.
Also, director of STEM program--Mey
Getting young girls interested/inspired in science
involves hands on activity/exploration--
HO with different modules
K-3: chem engineering
paper construction--civil engineering/houses
train--electrical engineer

4--8: middle school gets to solder learn about basics about EE through snap circuits; create own version of the game operation environment module--connecting to outdoor designed to be hands on--get to take home what they create Would like to have an ongoing program that continues after the 15 weeks in the form of a girl scout troop--organize troop, specialized in girls education, that will meet at Peralta; also do regular GS. Many other schools involved in this initiative Berk Manor, Sequoia; 5 in the fall; 5 in the new year Positive impact on their sci/math education. Will register in the GS; get troop number and financial literacy component
Grant by Bektel foundation--received 3 or so yrs ago--free to students--registration and cost of materials covered by the grant.
15 week comittment--then decide if you want to continue GS
suppose to start in 2 weeks; if interested, talk to Sherice or you may contact Shawan directly at:

Peraltapalooza coming up Oct 12th—beautiful, colorful flier handed out—presented by our own band, The Grateful Dads. “A Celebration of great Rock and Roll from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Sunday October 12, 4pm to 7pm at the Starry Plough. Kids free! Adults $10 donation at the door.

we are starting a new plan to deal with these pests. Details are being worked out/finalized but it will include:
1. school wide head check--professionals will be brought in from Lice Control
2. terminator lice comb with information packet will be given to all who need it
3. new email address to provide support for first timers dealing with this, “ACK! My child has lice! Help me, somebody, I am losing my mind...”
4. combing demos will be available—turns out that combing is the only thing that does help with lice
5. completely opt out-able, not mandatory
coming soon with more details

Diversity Dinner Sat Nov 8th; Eleanor/Nancy
Theme: “Our River of Stories--how our various pasts come together to flow into the ocean...
3 tasks needing:
1. AV Set up
2. someone w/ truck to p/u heat lamps/awning/6 foot tables
3. photographer

This is the only event that is NOT a fundraiser!Fun dance party w/ potluck dinner--celebrate diversity. Bring food dish to share.

Volunteer sign up sheet presented

Walk a thon: Sunday Oct 26th; 12-4:30 with registration from 12 to 12:30
starting next Monday volunteers* will get into classes to give out packets
child will be collecting pledges, will get an amount for whole thing or per lap up to maximum of
20 laps. Your child can do more but this is all that will get them prizes.
reward for every lap; acknowledge with “super walker title” and a medal w/ ceremony.
staged by age
Kinders usually walk 10 laps
*Need volunteers (12) to spend 10 minutes talking to the kids about it.
8:30 to 8:40
launching webpage this Friday with live on line donation page/link
PDF of pledge sheet
volunteer sign up sheet on google docs
Please take a look at volunteer sheet
really looking for someone to be safety coordinator--find people willing to stay and make sure kids are safe--driveways/intersections
Advertising venue--great for people who don't advertise at PIB like doctor offices
Corporate sponsors: TJ, Bloom homes, Cliff bars, Pet shop


EVOLVE presentation—working to close the corporate loophole in Prop 13

Courtney McDonald organizer for local nonprofit that works to increase public school funding
Campaign to reform prop 13
why best thing we can do to help donations for the schools
Brief Hx:
Prop 30 passed by 10+ points. Evident that the people want a more sustainable solution to our poor school funding--need to tackle root of the problem
2 choices:
temporary/short term revenue measures OR actually provide sustainable option
Tax cap on prop taxes has lead to a lack of funding for schools
Passed in 1978--froze property taxes at that level--voted to protect home owners.
Most people did not realize corps would get the most benefits
Chevron paying near 1975 rates as they have not sold their land and therefore have not been reassessed. They have had to pay the nominal 2% yearly increase but totally short changing the state.
prop tax rate--$ that should be funding schools and other stuff like roads/bridges.

Originally, prop 13 was passed/pitched to help homeowners but it ended up saving the big corporations billions of dollars
Homeowner's pay 72% of the property taxes and corporations pay 28%; before it was 50/50

Properties are only reassessed when they change hands; lg commercial properties rarely change hands.

Walt Disney pays $.05/sq ft
average home owner pays $.40

Chevron: under-taxed by nearly $1 billion

We have the highest income and sales taxes in the country
Cities are forced to pass parcel taxes and bond measures year after year
Volatile, regressive, and temporary sources of revenue.
Corporations pay less, so we pay more
Every other year, new parcel taxes
125 rev measures just for education state wide
Example of how the tax loops help the wealthy:
Michael Dell purchased hotel --split ownership to avoid new assessment
short changed LA county 1 mill/yr.

CA is ranked #49 in nation in per pupil spending
Tuition at CSU doubled while tuition at the UC has tripled in the last ten years.

Every other state has commercial pay current market rates--reassess every 1-5 years
will generate $6 billion

"Bad for business" argument not true...
Prop 13 is anti competitive--new business has to pay much more than existing corps.
Conventional wisdom keeps our legislators in Sacramento from talking about prop 13
59% support taxing commercial properties at their current market value

Will keep protection for home owners/renters/small businesses including small farms just get Corporations to pay more.

The Plan:
need to build ground swell of support
1. Went to Cal demo party adopted our resolution to support prop 13 reform
2. Organized local elected bodies--going to school board and city council to adopt the Close the Loophole resolution--incredibly successful
id more people ready to tackle; so far 91 school boards have adopted
on agenda for LA school district
expect to reach 100.
Next step:
Coalition of community leaders
Goal to get a bill intro in state legislator for next year and on the ballot by 2016

1. What do you do about huge oil and agriculture who will use negative advertising to derail this reform?
--want to get the message out first
have been working on this for almost 2 years already--face to face organizing
2. Do corp have same rules as home owners?
yes, they have had 2% raise.

WE need to keep momentum going
biggest obstacle is that most people don't know about commercial side of Prop 13
need to win it before it gets on the ballot
Corp will try to mislead--that is why people are working on this.

Getting this reformed pass will not guarantee the extra funds will go to schools. It will go into the general fund and we need a coalition in place to direct the general funds monies into our schools.

What can you do?
1. Go to our website: sign a petition and spread the word/facebook page
2. Reach out to other groups--100's of other groups by using existing networks
3. Adopt our resolution--Berkeley PTA has adopted; shows that Peralta is officially with it.

How does prop 13 funds school:
schools use to be funded through prop tax
cut off huge source of funding
Need to make sure the money will go to schools--if have coalition

Ellen, thank you for dinner!

notes by Anita Purohit; apologies for any/all typos.

AuthorSteve Mundro