Walk and Roll to school day Friday
Brewing com
Peralta Pride Day
5:30-8 Mix and mingle for prospective Claremont families--Marjorie Smith, Star Lightner,
Jonathan the principal will be there around 6; Claremont families will be there to answer questions as well as some Claremont kids
This Sat is Claremont open house from 1-4--nicely orchestrated, go to classes, meet teachers, panel discussion, tours--kids can come but geared twds parents
Mosaic: BTN Mosaic project to help w/ conflict resoution, out door school for 4th graders 4 nights/5 days; assertiveness training, empathy, works in conjucntion w 2nd step
Expanding w/ more in school component
Early part of Feb--teacher workshop; workshop for kids who have done mosaic to be better leaders at school;
Vet Day no school/no peace Nov 11th
Next wed 6:30-8 middle school information night--panel of parents from different schools--Claremont, Montera, Park Day, some private, mainly public
just for parents, no kids.
Thurs Nov. 13,  6:30-8 Kindergarten Open House--baked goods needed--not a ton but some would be nice. Drop off at the office or contact Juliana.
Kinder/school tours starting on Nov 18th. Call Jan to sign up; babies ok, preschool not so much.
Tours every week till mid of January;
Teachers Thanksgiving feast--changes coming; kids to make cards at home.
Peace will be avail for 1st 2 days of Thanksgiving break
Next PPTG is Wed Dec 3rd. Same format, dinner 6 to 6:30; meeting 6:30 to 8.

Tonight's Agenda:
PNO; small fund raiser that allows parents to drop off the kids from 630-10
Music, movie, arts and crafts; need 6-7 volunteers--sign in/collect$, set up movie, snacks, monitor play ground
Dec 5th; $25 for first child $20 for second; Makes about $600, max has been $1000
Potty trained kids, kids from other schools welcome
Toast, the restaurant on College Ave, may be offering 10% off--Richard in negotiation.
Diversity Dinner:
This Sat night. Much fun, not fundraiser, bring dish to share from family/culture
folk dancing, DJ dancing,
If you are volunteering please bring aprons and extras if you have them. Middle and HS students can volunteer too!
Walkathon Recap:
Smooth running, thank you for all
Nice team effort
On line: $11, 931 tracking bit higher than last year; can use on line tool to pay but the processing company takes 3%.
Expenses are in
Est 200 kids walked--bit lower than last year, but pledges were higher.
Grateful Dads added good ambiance , thank you!

Gloria Pearce for Achieve 3000 made a presentation:

Have access at home to this program
Parent accounts bundled w/ student accounts. Ask your child's teacher to connect your acct to child.
Can see all they are doing at school.
Program avail 24 hrs/day from any internet device.
Ipad app available.--kidbiz3000 once downloaded can d/c internet; can reconnect and it will time/date stamp
Lexile framework for reading
Reading level based on grade
Official measurement for all students of USA
kids took placement tests earlier this year
5 step literacy routine--focus on brain development
Info text from AP international articles

Current events are “about 2 months old” as all the articles have to be manually transcribed
Content heavy in Sci Soc Stud/no controversial issues
Can adjust reading level for all articles
Modified teacher bar for parents to see
1300L goal for hi school grad base level for entering college/trades; currently natl avg is 920
focus on process
growth of 69 lexile pts for 2nd through 5th grade
80+ projects 151 Lexile increase
Kids progress updated; lexile updates end of every month
#1 self selected grade 2-5 category: Animals
Mid School: Animals
High school: Animals

1-877-235-2525 can call and give your kids acct info to get the parent acct. set up or speak with your child's

Volunteer needs:
Mrs. Myers' s bookstore that kids can use book dollars 2x/yr to choose things for themselves or for others. Jewels, picture frames
need somebody to coordinate staffing 2x/yr and letting community know about it.

Etienne--next Thursday auction potluck dinner
Still looking for a co-chair who may/may not want to do it next year.
Talk to Sarah

Thanks to Ellen and the fantastic kids for dinner.

Meeting ended at 7:50

AuthorSteve Mundro