Attendance: 35

Jan 5-Last Walk and Roll to School, Last Peralta Pride Day and Last Brewing Community

Jun 5-PEACE Talent show 6pm – 7:30pm

Jun 8-11-All Minimum days (1:30pm dismissal)


June 13-LAST Garden work day 9am – 1pm Stacy has a sign-up for summer watering which we desperately need. (Tuesdays and Fridays) If you sign up, you will just receive info, not responsibility. If you work, you can still access campus on your own schedule.

Aug 6 – PPTG meeting!! With pizza and childcare and budget reveal!

Bloom Homes/Stephen Bloom and Robin Donovan

Peralta/BloomHomes Real Estate Referral Fund

10% of Bloom realtor fee from Peralta referrals goes to the PPTG


Incoming Families Committee/Erin

If you would like to host an incoming families’ house party this fall (small, informal gatherings to answer nervous parents’ questions), please contact Erin ( or Emma Armstrong.

Learning Different Listserv/

Support group for parents with learning-different children

Budget Survey/Juliana and Elizabeth

Even though we raise more money per student than Chabot, this year and next we are spending more than we raise. (refer to chart for survey results) From the chart, it becomes clear that mentors, art, music are important to the community. There will be no cuts this year, but since we are paying many contractors at this point, it is only responsible to make sure that we can cover the costs that we accrue. Right now we have saved reserves, but we cannot continue this way. The community was split 50/50 on whether we want to allow grade-level funding.

Biggest items in flux: If there are 2 combo classes, we will do our best to increase mentoring hours (to acknowledge the challenges of teaching a combo class). 13th class needs a mentor. Stip Sub/Spanish/Sonia is up in the air. Software prices are still in flux. Teachers have decided to do their part to get financial support from OUSD for Achieve 3000. Math curriculum is being considered, but the cost estimates are wildly different. 4th/5th grade classes have asked for more Chromebooks, but this comes with added costs of infrastructure (carts), software, etc.

Volunteer Needs/Juliana:

Refer to the community email

Also! Auction co-chair

Principal Report/Rosette

13 classes.  At least one, maybe two combo classes. Neighborhood families have been accommodated. Some teachers will need to move. In August, it will be set, but it’s not now. There will be a new teacher. No teachers have announced retirement. Upper classes still stay the same. Kindergarten will not be lower than 23 kids/class.

Teacher Strike: Looks like contract will be ratified. More info will be available tomorrow as vote is counted tonight.

Summer School: Kids have been identified and know who they are.

Still deciding on whether or not to go ahead with MOSAIC. Teacher buy in is high.

There’s a chance Sonia might not do Spanish next year.

GATE testing has taken place because all district tests are scored by one person, responses are slow. Rosette says that there are GATE projects done in all classes.

When we were a Title 1 school, we were able to receive more grants. We are having more difficulty getting the funding.


AuthorSteve Mundro