Attendance: 26

Fri Mar 6th             Walk and Roll to School Day

                                    Brewing Community

                                    Peralta PRIDE

 Sat Mar 7th            Auction 5pm-11pm good food, live band

                                    10pm tonight is the deadline for the online auction

                                    Lots of non-Peralta people are coming, bring your friends!

If you can’t volunteer the day of the auction, please consider volunteering at Chabot or NOCCS, where we exchange volunteers.

Sat Mar 14th         Garden Work Day – Sponsored by first grade

9am – 1pm

April 1st                 Next PPTG meeting

Mar 17-19            Minimum Days

March 31              No School! Cesar Chavez Day

Grub Market with Leah (director of sales)

Online marketplace and delivery service of groceries.

Partner directly with farmers, food makers to deliver food directly to consumer: 2 days, farm to table. Comparable pricing to farmers markets

Emphasis on giving more money to the farmers/makers and supporting them year round, similar to CSAs.

The Grub Box is their CSA-like delivery service. Trying to set up Peralta-site for the Grub Boxes. 10% of profits would go to the school. No minimums. Delivery could be to homes or the school.

If you sign up with Grub Box, use the promo code Peralta.

If you have questions, talk to our co-chair, Wendy

Monday and Thursday deliveries, but if there is enough interest , a different day could be selected.

Maybe, partner with Grub Market to upgrade our snack program and to contribute to the cooking project, etc.

More info will be forthcoming.

Mid Year Budget with Elizabeth (treasurer) and Adam

On track for Peralta fund, corporate matching is doing well, future events are unaccounted or are in the negative because of expenses. Auction slightly under performed, but that will hopefully be a fluke.

Summer School was new this year, might be regular going forward.

$14,000 money to ACHIEVE 3000 software and a couple laptop purchases pushed us over on our budget.


More or less, things are staying the same.

We are reducing the Peralta Fund expectations based on lower expected enrollment (based on new OUSD enrollment policies).

Auction we are reducing because we are playing with the auction formula this year and we will know post-auction what we can expect going forward.

MOSAIC needs to be addressed as a funded item. Will not be eliminated, but funding will be discussed

Summer school… ?

Tech Support: We are reducing ACHIEVE 3000 and a couple one times hits this year will allow for a smaller budget next year. (Rosette: Only 3rd grade teachers are gung-ho on tech, the rest are take-it-or-leave-it.)

---Next Gen grant for tech was not awarded. Our appeal to cover the STIP sub was granted.---

(Juliana: This year’s budget allots Rosette $150,000 less for next year because of new budgeting formulas. We appealed, but it was denied. Parents sent letters that went unheard. Rosette and Juliana continued to push with the superintendant, who was clearly unaware of how the appeals were being handled. In the end, the STIP sub was funded. Next year, our substitute teacher budget will be slashed, which makes it considerably more difficult for teachers to perform assessments, site visits, etc.

March 11, 2015: OUSD is recognizing Peralta’s success at the school board meeting. Info will be forthcoming.

Budget Planning Process/Draft Budget

-Adam has gone through some of the big changes and will send home surveys in backpacks and online to survey the community as to where their budget priorities are.

-Survey will be returned

-At the May PPTG meeting, another draft will be proposed based on the surveys, Rosette’s actual needs, how our fund raisers have performed. (June may be used also.)

-A final budget will be approved in August

MOSAIC: There was a time, 2 years ago (the year that we switched from sending the 5th grade to the 4th grade), where we went from asking the attending class to pay for the program to the PPTG supporting the program. $20,000-$22,000 ask per year. There was a hope that when PPTG absorbed the cost, the 4th grade would bump up their contributions, but this has never happened. Concerns that MOSAIC needs to be a specific ask as parents are more willing to pay for a tangible item. We are looking at creating a system to address this.

Part of MOSAIC being absorbed into the PPTG budget, is that MOSAIC curriculum is on campus, so we should all pay for it.

Adam brings up the point that this is why we are surveying the community-to see if/how the community would like to address budget concerns.

Budget guiding principle is that as a community we support every program that the community has decided is important. We don’t fundraise for individual events, experiences or causes.

Rosette: KQED is doing apiece on our art program here, more news will be forthcoming.

Raise your paddle, this Saturday for a new Chrome book cart.

 Anne Jenks, parent of 3rd grader, is here to discuss the letter that was sent home discussing the letter that was sent home regarding the measles’ possibly fatal impact on a Peralta student. Anne feels like sending home the letter is not enough to support the health and safety of the child.

 Parent question: Was the school notified about the street closure last week? The school needs to be notified so that parents can be notified.

Announcement: Please try to chip in more money against the cost of the food at the PPTG meetings.

AuthorSteve Mundro