Attendance: 20

May 9th – Garden Work Day 9am-1pm (we need! volunteers to help assemble outdoor furniture!)

May 15th – State Testing ends

May 18th  - Spirit Days

May 20th-22nd – Spring Book Fair (Buy one, Get one!)

May 21st - Peralta Open House 6:45-7:45

May 22nd-25th  -Memorial Day Holiday No School! No PEACE!   

May 28th  – K-3 Vocal Concert, MPR, 1:50pm

June 4th – Next PPTG Meeting (Last one!)

Yard Sale Recap/Chris

Success, Good Turn-out, $5,500 worth of stuff, split between Peralta and Claremont

Grill didn’t exist, Bake-sale was very small

Peralta in Bloom/David, Richard and Anthony

We have all of the major events in the works

Whole Foods is donating food again

Juliana, our sponsorship czar has been busy in the past 2 weeks

Sign-up sheets for volunteering is going very slow

Mike Rosenthal is coordinating the grill and he needs grill-keepers (2.5 hour shifts)

Most volunteer shifts are 1.5 hours

We are trying to get two new games that will be set-up on the closed street

Next Year’s Draft Budget/Elizabeth

Reflects new classroom addition

Increasing Peralta Fund estimates

Expect to add PE, Music, Field Trips, mentors, (Spanish)

Looking to be short $20,000 (Last year we planned to have a deficit of $21,000, and we’re not running that much, but closer to $15,000). Which we might be ok running given all of the changes, but we CAN NOT continue at this rate.

Tomorrow a flyer will go home in kids’ backpacks to survey families regarding where their priorities are.

We are raising more money per kid than Chabot, there is a cap to how much we can bring in. We need to assess how much we can pay for.

-?- Can we go to local business for sponsorships -?-

Rosette shared that in the past local businesses have helped with particular programs

Comment is made that we have tried this in the past but we don’t have volunteers to spear head this

Achieve 3000 funding is up in the air –might go to only 3rrd graders, but OUSD wants all to use it, but requires large buy-in from teachers to get the 60% funding.

                  $16,700 for us to pay 100% of all classes

                  40% of 3rd graders’ cost is $2,000

                  We are not sure where we fall on that spectrum…

Summer-school will happen for one month this summer

Principal’s Report/Rosette

13th classroom: Site Council meeting happened to problem solve where the 13th class will go.

Rosette had an hour long convo with Superintendant to discuss funding and option to allow for state (25.6:1) mandates rather than OUSD (24:1) mandate (2 classes of 25 kids/class).

As of last week, all neighborhood K’s got offered spots.

OEA move to strike: 96 to 4 vote pro-strike, but no one really wants to strike. Rosette’s best guess is that it will be resolved. In a couple weeks, reassess need to make school-wide strike plan.

Cassie had her baby (same day Charlezetta had her baby one year ago)

Kids are plugging away on the test – taking a lot longer than expected, but kids are doing great. Parents will receive results in 2-3 weeks.

Buddy Bench Presentation

Volunteer Needs/Sarah:

Peralta in Bloom!! Sign up! Teenagers/older kids are welcome

Sarah has been talking to all current key volunteers to see where the needs are

-?- Concern that the same 25 people are doing all of the volunteering – how can we bring in more people??

Push harder on the personal ask

This is a conversation that happens every year, how can we make everyone feel welcome and included? Use the personal ask.

New Business

Nancy’s announcement: Monday night at Eleanor’ house (check your email)

Special Needs (learning disabilities, etc) Group – Come for support/info


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