Attendance: 35

Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Aug 22 – 3-5pm, Incoming Families’ Picnic
  • Mon., Aug 24 – First Day of school
  • Aug 24 – Aug 28 – Minimum Days (dismissal 1:30)
  • Fri., Aug 28 – Peralta Pride Day, t-shirts for sale, 8:15-8:45am
  • Sept 3 – Back to School Night (NO childcare): 6:30pm
  • Sept 7 – No School, Labor Day

Bloom Home

2 Peralta parents referrals resulted in $3,000 big check! More to come!

Schedule Changes/Juliana

Peralta/BloomHomes Real Estate Referral Fund

10% of Bloom realtor fee from Peralta referrals goes to the PPTG


Personnel changes and Principal Report/Rosette

Wrong furniture sent to the school for new classroom, Rosette is working hard with vendor to work this out.

Coach Jonathan is leaving, new Coach (Coach Nick Reese) has been chosen.

New K: We did NOT need to pay for the set up of the new classroom!! Camille Calaca will be the new K teacher.  Nina will continue on this year, to replace Cassie. Ms. Arbogast will do the K/1 split. (Class sizes: K will be 24, K-1 will be 17ish, 1st will be 25ish, 2nd will be 28ish, 3rd will be 23ish)

Ms. Kemp (5th grade) has been offered a position to do math with West Oaklanders. We were told last week. Timing is horrible. We are looking for a replacement.

LCAP Money Usage/Juliana and Rosette

LCAP Supplemental and Concentration Funds  $11,606.00

·         How are these expenditures principally going to support the achievement of LI, FY, ELL students?

The expenditures on additional chromebooks will support multiple aspects of individualized learning.  We struggle to meet the personalized needs of our diverse population. Personalized learning can help us meet students at the Zone of Proximal Development and give us data to more specifically support them in their areas of growth.  As we are better able to provide access to technology for our students, we are better able to provide them access to an atmosphere of active learning, differentiate instruction – and ultimately enhancing their motivation, engagement and self-esteem.  The needs of LI, FY and ELL students will be equitably met.

·         How do the funds match with the goals of the Pathway to Excellence?

Fund utilization for chromebooks provides:

The ability to:

Increase student proficiency in state standards (CCSS and NGSS)

Increasing student motivation to remain engaged in school every day.

Addressing the needs of all students, LI, FY and ELL to become college and career ready.

 Funds will be exhausted to provide additional chromebooks- the full funding allocation will be spent on this technology and will include an additional chromebook cart.

Budget Report/Adam and Keith

We’re adding another class, which changes the budget dynamics. A demographic shift in the neighborhood is resulting in higher donations per lower graders.

Peralta Fund is one of the most important parts of our budget.

We, as a community, will be pushing for better Corporate matching through a knowledge campaign.

Enrichment: More is always budgeted for art than needed to show support for art program. Everything else is pretty much staying the same, except for showing where there are more classes needed for the extra classroom.

MOSAIC has been subtracted from the budget. One teacher does not want to chaperone the overnight camp. It has been stated that another OUSD employee could replace that teacher on the trip.

---Disappointment has been raised that there hasn’t been a larger discussion around it---

The conversation in the past was that if Rosette decided that something was part of the curriculum, we, as a community, would figure out how to support it. Now, the subtraction of MOSAIC was also driven by Rosette and teachers, so is it right for us to drive the curriculum?

There is a little less clarity in the reasons behind ceasing the program.

A reminder!! There is family camp, for those who want to go.

If things change and there is teacher/admin support, we will figure out how to support MOSAIC, but we will be $40,000 in the whole.

Spanish has also been subtracted. Sonia, who was doing Spanish, will be the aide spot for the K-1 class this year. The Stip Sub provides teacher planning time now, not Spanish. Spanish had been reduced to 30 minutes per week.

Science camp is not on this budget. But next year, we can revisit the issue depending on teacher support next year.

Another reiteration: Parents do not give more, even when there are ear-marks for special programs. It is found that parents give a certain amount and if some money is given to something, they give less to something else.

If the MOSAIC education is important, we might need to find other ways to include this in our program. If this curriculum is valued, we will not abandon it, but it will need to be discussed at a later time.

$4,000 of tech budget is Achieve 3000- limited to 3/4 grades. Partly paid for by OUSD

$8,800 short. But due to conservative budgeting, we should be fine.

We have to pass the budget, but it can be revised later if Rosette decides to add back MOSAIC, we will.


Peralta Fund/Katherine Day

Most direct thing to help the school. We have always met the goal of at least 80% participation.

Back to School Night is a great time to let people know about the fund. If you can volunteer to talk to your child’s class, please email Katherine. She will give you some talking points.

Please be aware that if your credit card changes, you must log back into your auto-pay account to update your info.

Volunteer Needs/Sarah McGee

Big gaping hole: We need a Security organizer (Drop-off zone): Help with 4th/5th graders safety patrol (kid coordination), work with OUSD. Elise is already signed up to do the admin stuff.

NEED an auction coordinator

Email Sarah McGee for more info

Week before school needs/Juliana

We need to put together the first-day-of-school-packets. OUSD has computerized everything, but we’re not really sure how that will work. We still need a point person for Peralta info. (Lisa) We also need volunteers to assemble the 350 packets on Friday or Saturday before school starts.

First Day of School Events/Juliana

Volunteers needed for Kleenex and pastries- to welcome and support new K families.

Incoming Families’ Parties/Emma Armstrong and Erin Owes

The parties will run from 4- 6pm on the following dates:

Sun, Aug 30

Sat, Sept 12


AuthorSteve Mundro