• Walk & Roll to school - Friday Nov 4
  • Garden Work Day - Saturday, Nov 5, 9-1
  • Diversity Dinner - Saturday, Nov 5, 5-8
  • Puberty Education Parent Night - Monday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Prospective K Night - Wednesday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Veterans Day-No. School - Friday, Nov 11
  • Teachers Thanksgiving Feast - Wednesday, Nov 16
  • Brewing Community - Friday, Nov 18, 8:15-9:15
  • Thanksgiving Break-No School - M-F, Nov 21-25
  • Minimum Days -  11/28-12/2
  • Kindergarten Tours - Wed-Thurs, Nov 16- Jan12
  • December PPTG Meeting - Wednesday, Dec 7

Key Topics…


  • 242 walkers up 16 from last year
  • 75% of kids
  • $37,000 as of today
  • net $35,000
  • Volunteers please fill out surveys

Ice Cream party-

  • Still need 6 volunteers
  • Next Tuesday, Nov 8
  • 12:30-2:30ish

4th grade report

  • Ms. Ana & Ms. Killebrew
  • The classes just did a play about growth mindset.
  • Teaching about different ways to be smart. 
  • Poetry to represent through words.  Telling the story of our learning through poetry.
  • Personal narrative.
  • Science-
  • Human brain
  • Aquatic environments
  • Living and non living creatures-designing experiments.
  •  A fair experiment, what is that?
  • Math-
  •  have to be able to talk about math not just do it
  • Writing & California studies
  • Creating their own museums


  • Coming up with inventions.
  • Weekend watering. Sound proofing-portable.
  • Sketch-model. Prototype.
  • Field study-
  • Study of water.  Gather data for scientific method in the sf bay. 
  • The bay such a big resource. 
  • Jr. coach friendship ambassador. 
  • Make sure new students feel welcome.
  • Make sure all students feel good in the outdoor space.
  • Teachers need help with multimedia.  Professional development
  • Need help centralizing some of the computer stuff.
  • They get equipment but teachers don’t know how to use the stuff.
  • Ms. Susan got a grant that provided 4 Ipad minis but it is hard to share 4 amongst the class.  If anyone has an old one that they don’t need she would love to have it.

Pick Up/ Drop off safety zone

  • Parent volunteers and 4th & 5th grade do the drop off zone so please use it.
  • North St. a pedestrian entrance only.

Can we have anything organized for pick up? 

DU Dinner-

  • 4:30 to 8:00 Saturday, November 5.
  • Dress in cultural attire.
  • Bring a dish.
  • Henna. Dancing. Scavenger Hunt. Photo booth. DJ
  • We need volunteers. 
  • Initial set up, Clean up, etc. 

Racial Justice Study group-

  • Jonathan, 1st grade parent.
  • Within our district there are inequalities for students depending on where they live, economy, etc.
  • Want to meet once a month to explore these issues.  How can we responsibly take action within community, family, school.  What can we do to help kids?

It would be great to have some workshops/speakers on this topic at PPTG meetings as well.

Mosaic: Scheduling Conflict

  • Recap-what is mosaic?
  • Weeklong camp. 3 different schools go each week.
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • 1st there was no teacher support-now there is
  • 2nd didn’t budget for it-but it could work
  • 3rd scheduling issue-
  • There is not enough space for both classes.
  • One of the weeks was during sbac and another during memorial day weekend
  • We will plan on doing it next year.  Budget for it.  Ideal to do it in the fall.
  • Each of the decisions that was made was made with the info we had. 
  • 5th grade teachers looking for another smaller experience for this current year.






AuthorSteve Mundro