• Sat, Dec 10 – 9am-1pm Garden Work Day
    • Hosted by the 1st Grade Class- Bring the kids to play. Bring your gloves. Fruit tree trimming party
  • Wed-Thurs, Dec 14-15 – Mrs Meyer Bookstore
    • Wrappers needed for Thursday
    • Collecting donations
  • Fri, Dec 16 – 8:15am-9:15am Brewing Community
  • PEACE Potluck/Celebration
    • Friday, Dec 16, 4-5:30pm
  • Dec 19-Jan 2 – NO SCHOOL Winter Break
    • PEACE will be open Dec 19-21/26-27 if 20 kids sign up (no food provided, pack in lunch/snacks)
  • Nov 16-Jan 12 – Kindergarten tours
    • Still looking for tour guides

Incoming Kindergarteners – Enroll NOW through OUSD

  • Options Window Dec 5- Jan 20
  • ALL Incoming students must apply. Applications can be dropped off at OUSD (746 Grand Ave) or at Peralta.

No January PPTG meeting this year

5th grade teachers//Ms McGuire and Ms Larranaga

  • Decimals/fractions in math
  • Investigations with supporting evidence in science: Thoughtful writing to support observations.
  • Social Studies: American history beginning with pre-Columbian times and geography. Salt dough maps of the US/reading non-fiction texts. Lots of collaborative research.
  • Book Clubs: 3-4 kids in each group that were kid organized and led.
  • Age of Exploration Unit: Reading lots of non-fiction texts culminating in written journals imagining what it was like to cross the ocean in search of land.

School Performance Framework//Jean Wing from OUSD

  • SPF is replacing the API (Academic Performance Index) that was based on standardized tests. The SPF is released once a year that is reflective of many aspects of a school’s strengths and weaknesses including 4 main values: Whole Child; Impact; Equity; and College, Career and Community Ready.
  • www.oaklandspf.org
  • For more in-depth info there is a technical manual available
  • www.ousddata.org for more district data

Principal Report

  • Travel safe. Budgeting budgeting. Chatter out there is there might be cut-backs. Enrollment should stay the same (about 319 kids). New teachers are happy, collaborative and feeling supported. PPTG is funding Bakesale Betty sandwiches for the teachers next week.
AuthorSteve Mundro