Walk and Roll to School will be cancelled if it's raining.

Auction this Saturday at Uptown.

Tix includes dinner, games, live entertainment, volunteers spots are still available

Bike raffle

Big Garden work day coming up…

Minimum days coming up

Should of heard from teachers about conferences already

Spring break includes the Friday before


1st grade teachers….Lucker & Davis

Some topics from this year:

All about me

Underground Railroad

Fairy tales

Sky looking


They incorporate writing, reading.talking. Everything is about the topic

Mr. Davis showing examples of the sky looking projects.  Writing and art are incorporated. Chabot space and science center

Big push in 1st grade for reading and writing

Narrative writing…internal moments

Done non fiction writing.

Choosing something they are experts on.  

They work on catchy  beginnings and then chapters.  


If you know anyone who is not returning next year they should let the school know.  


Special guest speaker….. Dr.Vajra Watson author of The Black Sonrise

From Bay Area /graduated from Berkeley High


OUSD commitment to address and eliminate institutionalized racism

MDP-Manhood Development Program


Ecosystem of oppression

Fosters dichotomy between whites and nonwhites



Illegitimate child-Radiant


Is it dangerous for a child to go to school here.  Most dangerous for African American boys


1 person was hired-

aligned himself with community of elders.

Asked the kids what they wanted.  Kids felt like they didn’t have any allies

Able to hire instructors for manhood development

Now in 17 schools / 650 students

GPA increase 2.12


Create a safe space for children at school

Recruit and retain male mentors and educators

Utilize a culturally relevant curriculum based upon a pedagogy of brotherhood.


When asked to describe being a young black male in America in 3 words…

Scared hiding survival

Underestimated under-appreciated alone

Dangerous humbling targets

Hard poverty poor

Hard unfair scary

Mistreated life hard

Feared not respected

Lonely broke oppression


Nothing Positive!!!


After the program-


How do I see myself…

I am a miracle in disguise.

I am the victorious one.

I am the chosen one.

I am the American Dream.

I am unstoppable.


The sickness and the solution are one and the same.

“If the youth are not initiated into the village they will burn it down to feel it's warmth”



Program is elementary-high school


How to prepare our kids for these conversations?

What is productive?

Very direct conversation, with the school and other parents.

We can either further the trauma or heal


Next step: Working on systems change for social justice.  


We need to expand the narrative so that it's not just African American males that understand what they have to offer.

Why are there not more male African American teachers?


If you want to better understand black people you have to have a better understanding of history.   

The problem of racism is white people.  When we study racism we study people of color???? How does that make sense?


Have more ownership over your expressions.  Be conscious of who you are to others and how you are to others.

Learn what it means to be white.


Helping your child…teach that we can all be extraordinary, that the extraordinary people that we learn about are/were normal people who did extraordinary things.


Black history month is often taught to make it seem like blacks are victims.  That's not healthy.

How to talk about race with your kids….YOU TALK ABOUT IT.

AuthorSteve Mundro