Ms Sherice, head of PEACE, introduced herself. PEACE is running at capacity! Serving around 200 student. Ms Sherice will be at PPTG meetings every month, watching the kids, if you need to touch base.

Eleanor: Our PPTG president


DON’T BLOCK DRIVEWAYS! Please be law abiding and courteous parkers.  Pet Food Express in the mornings, be aware of Street Cleaning on Mondays and Tues

Garden Work Day: Sat, Sept 10, 9am-1pm

Leah Rivers: Beautiful gardens come with work. Second Saturday of every month, bring the kids (who get to play)! This month’s will focus on painting picnic tables and the K-Pod gardens. Bring your own tools if you have them.

Brewing Community: Sept 15, 8:15am-9:15am

Once a month opportunity to get coffee and pastries with other Peralta parents outside the 63rd st entrance

Fall Book Fair-Sept 20th-23rd

Sonia will send out more info. Send kids to school with money or stop by after school to buy Scholastic books.

Picture Day Sept26th/28th

Next PPTG- Oct 5

Bloom Homes:

Local real estate agents and Peralta parents donate a percentage of their commission when they sell/buy a house through a Peralta referral. Have raised over $15,000 for Peralta to date. Today, a check for $2400 was presented.

Peralta Fund: Ryann Cheung

Currently at 45% participation, but we need to continue to push for recurring donations and collecting from the families who have not yet donated. Ryann also explained that ALL PLEDGES count towards today’s total, even if they are deferred payments for later in the year. The 80% target is crucial for qualifying for important grants that the schools need. Also, now is a good time to look into corporate matching and set that up. All recurring donations count to the participation totals, but please confirm with Ryann whether your donations continue through this school year.

Why Volunteer? : Eleanor

This school has changed a lot in the past few years, but we are still in the OUSD, one of the most underfunded districts in the country. As a community, we have decided to come together to provide our children with the things we believe every student is entitled to.

Jessica Sandow: Our new Volunteer Coordinator!! Looking for a Peralta Pride coordinator (tshirts, etc), Finance chairs, Design/Publicity people needed, Community-Communications volunteer

***Book Fair:

  • Need 4 volunteers for 15 minute shifts (lunch shifts 11:45-12:45, afterschool shifts for 30 minutes). Chaos, lots of kids, lots of excitement. Free book to volunteers.

***Walkathon: Sunday, October 23

  • Lots of volunteers needed to register, set up, support, etc
  • Middle Schoolers are welcome to volunteer!
  • Food options are still being explored, but if you know you want to BBQ, contact Kelly

***Diversity Unity Dinner, November 5

  • Not a fundraiser! Just a super fun party
  • Bring a dish to share and your entire family (even extended, neighbors, etc)
  • Some organization set up needed, but pretty limited in scope.

***Auction, March 18 (pending)

  • We need Auction co-chairs!! Right now, the auction is the only committee without a chair
  • If you enjoy planning, organizing and have some friends that you can bring in, it’s a great job for you.
  • The Auction represents a quarter of our revenue!

***Room Parents:

  • Still have 5 openings: 5th grade, Ms Larsen, Mr Davis, Ms Holdman

***Garden Committee:

  • Every second Saturday , help is needed to work in the gardens
  • A watering coordinator is needed (just a scheduler, not a waterer)
  • This year we have an Edible Garden Manager to focus volunteer help, work with kids, etc

***Safety Patrol:

  • The drop off zone (Dana St) is staffed by one parent volunteer and 4th and 5th graders in the mornings. The Safety Patrol is run is cooperation with Oakland PD

***Salad Bar:

  • We need people to come in and serve salad to the children during lunch (M-F 11:15-1:00). Frequency is completely up to you but people ARE NEEDED. Super fun way to hang with the kids.

***Peralta in Bloom

  • We’ll get to that in the spring

Principal’s Report

We hired a secretary!! Helio Rodriguez, still learning the systems-Jan has been providing support during the change and MANY THANKS to Asha and June

New teachers felt very supported by the PPTG and would like to pass on thanks

Registrar of Voters need a polling place in the area- if you know someone who might have an available polling place, contact Ken Rice. Rosette thought about offering the school but was not comfortable with strangers on campus.

Volunteer sign up: Chaperones MUST BE FINGERPRINTED

More flyers going home tomorrow: Pinworm and Hand Foot and Mouth is going around

Halloween in on a Monday… Peralta might move Halloween to a Friday… or Halloween might be canceled. TBD. Parents voted to move to Friday. 

AuthorSteve Mundro