Recap on Past Events:

On Bonnie’s K /1 concert

It was awesome! It was brilliant!

Spring book fair

·       Does Peralta get a cut from the book fair? – we get about $1000 to $1500 per year

·       More diversity in the book fair would be awesome, books from local authors

·       Will need research and hard work to change publishers from Scholastic to some other publisher


Grade level camping trips

            5th and 3rd grade

            For any questions regarding reserving a spot, contact Chris


Future events:

5th Grade Band concert, Friday – June 2, 9-10 am

            Instrumental music concert

PEACE Talent Showcase, Friday – June 2, 5 to 8 pm

            Is Amazing! You should come!

Equity Conversations- Sat / Sun – June 3/4
            Saturday, June 3, 9 to 11 am

            Saturday, June 3, 3 to 5 pm

            Sunday, June 4, 3 to 5 pm

            Contact Jonathan and Ellie

            First one was Tuesday – there was wine, guacamole, child care and good conversations

Ms. Myer’s Bookstore

            Mon / Tue – June 5/6

            Children love it so much! They save their book dollars.

Need some people to wrap children’s presents

Need some runners to back and forth to bring children from classroom and back

If you have donations of random craft or other things – candlesticks, picture frames, books bring them to the office

Minimum Days

Tue-Fri, June 6-9

Last Day of School

Friday, June 9

Garden Work Day - Saturday, June 10, 9am to 1pm

·       We are going to try and plant stuff so they will be growing in the Fall – sunflowers, etc.

·       Pantheon is our fabulous garden manager and networking with other garden people from other schools and comes out with good ideas. He is quit kid focused. Interfacing with students and teachers to help children from stuff, learn about gardening. Getting people to grow edible plants.


August PPTG Meeting

            Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Key Topics

Peralta in Bloom Recap - David

·       Very good turnout

·       Great weather

·       Not had on the same day as Ride for a reason

·       Thank you to Cory for supplying shade structures
Worked with Anthony this year and plan to do it next year – would like to work with someone new who can take over the organization of Peralta in Bloom year after next. Next year is Anthony’s last year.

·       Not that difficult

·       We have so many people come out and help.         

·       Need a new Prize coordinator. Lori has been doing it for the last few years but this is her last year.

·       Suggestion to have more hot dogs next year since there are so many children participating in the event.

·       Scope for improvement at the grill

·       An idea – can we have a low-key auction with Peralta in bloom? Would be more inclusive.

Draft Calendar for next year

            Printouts handed out at the meeting

Budget Discussion

            1st half is money coming in and 2nd half are expenses; explanation of line items:

·       Peralta fund – can we have some money at the beginning of the year?

·       Corporate matching – some cute donations from employers

·       Merchant donations – e.g. Amazon smile, little sort of box tops for education

·       Some grants that Ellen writes to support grant programs

·       Auction – brings in 1/5th of the money

·       Book fair

·       Peralta in Bloom

·       Yard sale – not happening anymore

·       Walkathon

·       Sale and small projects

·       Quilt Raffle

·       Expenses

o   Most of the money goes toward people resources

§  Art – Ms. Ellen

§  Sports – Coach Reese

§  Music – Ms. Bonnie

§  Garden – Pantaleon

§  Field trips

§  School support

·       Mentors

§  Maintenance – for copier

§  Classroom supplies – Chairs, Easels, since we do not have Title I funding we need to pay for these

§  Library – Ms. Sonia

§  Mental Health resources

§  Teacher grants

§  Principal funds

§  Computer supplies

·       Got some chrome books

§  Literacy – DU dinner

§  Operations

·       Bank fees, taxes, accounting fees

§  Meetings

·       Cost of child care and food for our meetings

o   Comments from parents:

§  Appreciative that we are hitting the budget that was set previously

§  There are funds reserved for big capital needs and emergency needs

§  All the money we are raising is going back to school on so many people resources

§  Very appreciative!

§  A request for adding before care line item

·       Will need to check with Legal if we consider having parents volunteer for before care

·       In the past, PEACE ran before care and there is no sliding scale option for before care from PEACE

·       Motion to put a line item in the budget for before care line item which is approximately $5000

·       All in favor

·       Motion to pass the budget with the above change

·       All in favor


5th grade graduation on last day of school in school

            Ceremony in multipurpose room

            There’s drumming

            Parents sign out and kids go to a park – Robert’s park


There’s a pay to play party called Summer Launch party at Tilden park at 3 pm

·       All grades welcome


Thank you and farewell bouquet of flowers to outgoing treasurers and to principal Ms. Costello for another amazing year.


Thank you to Marissa and Sabrina for attending their very last PPTG meeting.



AuthorSteve Mundro