50 Adults/40 Children

Annoucements -

Garden Work Day-Saturday, May 6, 9am-1pm

Peralta in Bloom-Saturday, May 13,Noon-4pm

Walk and Roll to school-Friday, May 19

K/1 Vocal Music Concert-Tuesday, May 23, 1:50-2:45

2/3 Vocal Music Concert-Thursday, May 25, 1:50-2:45

4th Grade Band Concert, Wednesday, May 31, 9-10

5th Grade Band Concert, Friday, June 2, 9-10

5th Grade Music of American History, Tuesday, May 16, 2-2:45

4th Grade Music of California , Tuesday, May 30, 2-2:45

Spring Book Fair, Tues-Thurs, May 23-25

Open House-Thursday May 25, 6:30-8pm

Memorial Day/Lincoln’s B-Day- May 26-29-(4 Day weekend)

June PPTG -Wednesday, May 31

Quilt Raffle-some people meeting at the Temescal Farmers Market from 9-11 to sell raffle tickets!


Key Topics—

Capturing Arts Learning: The Peralta Graduate Profile

Todd & Trina-teach courses with Peralta teachers about assessment and learning

How can we tell the story of your learning?

Visible thinking/ Visible Processes/ Visible Struggles/ Visible Breakthrough

Collaborate/ Inquire creatively/ Engage and Persist/ Think Critically/ Communicate/ Practice stewardship

The students have been doing a Process Journal where they are writing from different prospective and then reflect.

The learner I am…thinking about learning as a kind of journey, what are their strengths/weaknesses as it relates to learning.

What practices do they have that will help them?  I see/I think/I wonder


Peralta is in the second year of a 3 year grant right now-through OUSD- but the idea is that it will keep going, grant or not. 

Meet every 6 weeks to check in-

The teachers look at their own practices, not just the students.


Has the graduate profile gone out to parents?  Yes at parent teacher conference.   But it might help to go out again.

Teachers have been evolving this profile for 5 years or so.

Meta-cognitive process- when did you decide to go this path…why is it important?  It sends a message that even their struggles are important.  It develops a community of thinkers.  And teaches students how to articulate their thinking.

If students can understand how they learn it will be easier for them to know when they need support. 


Kindergarten Teachers-

Ms. Nina & Ms. Camille- 

Kids are really starting to put things together in the fall and in the spring they are really taking off. 

Right now they are looking at comic strips. 

Trying to give the kids an authentic reason to write and read.

How to/instruction writing. Fiction writing-Character, setting


Peralta in Bloom-

Kids have a great time.  But we need lots of volunteers!




AuthorSteve Mundro