50 Adults/40 Children

Annoucements -

Garden Work Day-Saturday, May 6, 9am-1pm

Peralta in Bloom-Saturday, May 13,Noon-4pm

Walk and Roll to school-Friday, May 19

K/1 Vocal Music Concert-Tuesday, May 23, 1:50-2:45

2/3 Vocal Music Concert-Thursday, May 25, 1:50-2:45

4th Grade Band Concert, Wednesday, May 31, 9-10

5th Grade Band Concert, Friday, June 2, 9-10

5th Grade Music of American History, Tuesday, May 16, 2-2:45

4th Grade Music of California , Tuesday, May 30, 2-2:45

Spring Book Fair, Tues-Thurs, May 23-25

Open House-Thursday May 25, 6:30-8pm

Memorial Day/Lincoln’s B-Day- May 26-29-(4 Day weekend)

June PPTG -Wednesday, May 31

Quilt Raffle-some people meeting at the Temescal Farmers Market from 9-11 to sell raffle tickets!


Key Topics—

Capturing Arts Learning: The Peralta Graduate Profile

Todd & Trina-teach courses with Peralta teachers about assessment and learning

How can we tell the story of your learning?

Visible thinking/ Visible Processes/ Visible Struggles/ Visible Breakthrough

Collaborate/ Inquire creatively/ Engage and Persist/ Think Critically/ Communicate/ Practice stewardship

The students have been doing a Process Journal where they are writing from different prospective and then reflect.

The learner I am…thinking about learning as a kind of journey, what are their strengths/weaknesses as it relates to learning.

What practices do they have that will help them?  I see/I think/I wonder


Peralta is in the second year of a 3 year grant right now-through OUSD- but the idea is that it will keep going, grant or not. 

Meet every 6 weeks to check in-

The teachers look at their own practices, not just the students.


Has the graduate profile gone out to parents?  Yes at parent teacher conference.   But it might help to go out again.

Teachers have been evolving this profile for 5 years or so.

Meta-cognitive process- when did you decide to go this path…why is it important?  It sends a message that even their struggles are important.  It develops a community of thinkers.  And teaches students how to articulate their thinking.

If students can understand how they learn it will be easier for them to know when they need support. 


Kindergarten Teachers-

Ms. Nina & Ms. Camille- 

Kids are really starting to put things together in the fall and in the spring they are really taking off. 

Right now they are looking at comic strips. 

Trying to give the kids an authentic reason to write and read.

How to/instruction writing. Fiction writing-Character, setting


Peralta in Bloom-

Kids have a great time.  But we need lots of volunteers!




AuthorSteve Mundro





Garden work day, Saturday April 15

            Sponsors are K, 4th and 5th grade

            Special work day – Ms. Bonnie with Guitar / Sing - along

SBAC Testing Window, April 12 – May 12

            3th / 4th and 5th graders

            Testing schedule that works out for our children 1-2 tests / wk

Brewing Community, Friday April 21

Parents Organizing for Equity & Integration in Oakland Schools

            Sat, April 12, 2017

Jonathan – one of our parents from Peralta working together with some school board members to explore issues of Equity & Inequity

            How resources can be used differently for different outcomes?

            Opportunity from diff schools to talk to each other

            Some workshops / some talks

            Child care provided

            Flyer for April Calendar has more information

Quilt Raffle – coming soon

            Contact person - Rachel Levy

            The 17th or so quilt by Ms. Ellen

            This year Ms. Ellen has recycled fabrics from last years –

This gets raffled at Peralta in Bloom – May 13

            30 tickets will be send home

$1 each or $5 for 6

            Stay tuned - Quilt picture and tickets will be coming home

Paul Vetter – Ride for a reason

            Does not conflict with Peralta in Bloom

            250 / 300 bicyclists from Oakland Tech to Sacramento

            Fund raising program

            Benefits 7 schools

            Shooting to raise $120000 this year which is distributed equally amongst 7 schools

            Looking for volunteers

            Various options for bike rides:

            108 ½ miles

            45 miles

            68 mile ride

            You can stiff register for the ride. Hard deadline is April 22nd

            Ms. Killibrew and Ms. Camille are participating


Next PPTG meeting – Wed, May 3

K grade; Cake and likely Mexican food


Other Topics

Update from first grade teachers - Ms. Lucker and Mr. Davis

            Rain forest project

·       Change the room so it looks like rain forest

·       Camping jobs; tickets to go to the forest

·       Different animals

·       Different layers of the rain forest

·       Animals

·       Medicinal Plants

·       Mini studies of animals

·       Products of rain forest

·       Paintings / sculptures / poems

            Transitioning from rain forest into plants and bees

            Seeds; Roots and things

Write sentence frames

Planting seeds and recording the date

Parts of bees

Book about life cycle of bee

Queen bee; Worker bee and drone bee

Go to the garden and observe bees

Books on plants and bees

Honey bees and native bees

Difference between exotic and native bees

Mini units of whales and sharks

Poetry unit

Some poems – William Carlos

16 word poems

Similes and simile poem about themselves


Auction recap – Stacy & Peter

            Was on March 18th

            Total of 195 / 200 people attended

            Fun party

            New venue – Humanist Church

            Raised tentatively $40000 (as budgeted)

            Thanks to volunteers

            Some great outfits at the event


Next big event – Peralta in Bloom, Sat – May 13 (Noon to 4 pm)

            Children’s favorite event – Candy floss, Snow cones, games, etc.

            Looking for Sponsorship (Julianna has volunteered but needs more help)


Liz Sullivan from OUSD – OUSD as a sanctuary district

            Website and Facebook page about sanctuary district

Means that schools have safe and inclusive environment

All students have right to attend school here without any discrimination

            More information: http://www.ousd.org/sanctuary


IFDF (Immigration Family Defense Fund) by Benita Jain (Parent of 3rd grader)

IFDF Was started after election

Recognizing that there is a lot of fear

Lot of immigrant families worried

Deportation / Immigration enforcement

Support MLA families

Families with kids in immigration crisis

Plan to support any Oakland school. Currently supporting 4 schools, looking at schools where there are higher number of immigrants demographically.

In terms of support:

1 – Funds needed for bonds

2 – When someone is porting bonds, you need status to post bonds. Looking for folks in community to be the bond poster. You don’t have to be a lawyer. Just need lawful status. Bond money will be provided by IFDF.

3 – Skills that you can offer. MLA is not a school that has deep pockets. Looking for immigration lawyers and family lawyers.


Contact information:

Website: Immigrantfamilies.org

Email: Benita@Immigrantfamilies.org


Principal’s updates

Basketball hoop is broken

Budget Freeze has impacted all schools

All funding is frozen

Appealing to get basic supplies like white copy paper

Rough times

Surprised that community doesn’t know that much

Frozen because OUSD dug itself a giant budgetary hole

Liz Sullivan – OUSD is trying to close the year being solvent (8 to 10 million)

One pager about this will be send to families

AuthorSteve Mundro


  • Walk & Roll to School Day - Fri., Feb. 3
  • Garden Work Day -  Saturday, Feb. 11 9am-1pm
    • We really need a great turn out.  We have a lot to do.  The last 2 haven't been so well attended, probably because of the rain but we really need you.
  • Brewing Community - Friday, Feb 17, 8:15-9:15
  • No School-President’s Day - Monday, Feb. 20 - No PEACE
  • March PPTG Meeting

OpenVolunteer Positions

  • Salad bar, we need people every day during lunch
  • Peralta Pride-selling t-shirts
  • We have some positions for next year, secretaries…

Peralta Auction-

  • Saturday, March 18
  • Biggest fundraising event is the Auction
  • Peter & Stacy are co-chairs
  • Theme- “worlds fair”
  • Still need plenty of volunteers.
  • Data entry
  • People to pick up donations
  • Beer/wine raffle

Joel Baum-Gender Spectrum

  • Wanted to do something with inclusion.  Real school, real kids, thought of Peralta.
  • Working for 10 years for gender inclusive environments where kids allowed to thrive.
  • They work with staff and at state/national level. 
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
  • **Film Screening** (https://www.genderspectrum.org/creating-gender-inclusive-schools/)
  • Film has been shown around the world. 
  • The purpose is to show people that this teaching is doable. 
  • Kids are the best teachers.








AuthorSteve Mundro
  • Sat, Dec 10 – 9am-1pm Garden Work Day
    • Hosted by the 1st Grade Class- Bring the kids to play. Bring your gloves. Fruit tree trimming party
  • Wed-Thurs, Dec 14-15 – Mrs Meyer Bookstore
    • Wrappers needed for Thursday
    • Collecting donations
  • Fri, Dec 16 – 8:15am-9:15am Brewing Community
  • PEACE Potluck/Celebration
    • Friday, Dec 16, 4-5:30pm
  • Dec 19-Jan 2 – NO SCHOOL Winter Break
    • PEACE will be open Dec 19-21/26-27 if 20 kids sign up (no food provided, pack in lunch/snacks)
  • Nov 16-Jan 12 – Kindergarten tours
    • Still looking for tour guides

Incoming Kindergarteners – Enroll NOW through OUSD

  • Options Window Dec 5- Jan 20
  • ALL Incoming students must apply. Applications can be dropped off at OUSD (746 Grand Ave) or at Peralta.

No January PPTG meeting this year

5th grade teachers//Ms McGuire and Ms Larranaga

  • Decimals/fractions in math
  • Investigations with supporting evidence in science: Thoughtful writing to support observations.
  • Social Studies: American history beginning with pre-Columbian times and geography. Salt dough maps of the US/reading non-fiction texts. Lots of collaborative research.
  • Book Clubs: 3-4 kids in each group that were kid organized and led.
  • Age of Exploration Unit: Reading lots of non-fiction texts culminating in written journals imagining what it was like to cross the ocean in search of land.

School Performance Framework//Jean Wing from OUSD

  • SPF is replacing the API (Academic Performance Index) that was based on standardized tests. The SPF is released once a year that is reflective of many aspects of a school’s strengths and weaknesses including 4 main values: Whole Child; Impact; Equity; and College, Career and Community Ready.
  • www.oaklandspf.org
  • For more in-depth info there is a technical manual available
  • www.ousddata.org for more district data

Principal Report

  • Travel safe. Budgeting budgeting. Chatter out there is there might be cut-backs. Enrollment should stay the same (about 319 kids). New teachers are happy, collaborative and feeling supported. PPTG is funding Bakesale Betty sandwiches for the teachers next week.
AuthorSteve Mundro


  • Walk & Roll to school - Friday Nov 4
  • Garden Work Day - Saturday, Nov 5, 9-1
  • Diversity Dinner - Saturday, Nov 5, 5-8
  • Puberty Education Parent Night - Monday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Prospective K Night - Wednesday, Nov 9, 6:30-7:30
  • Veterans Day-No. School - Friday, Nov 11
  • Teachers Thanksgiving Feast - Wednesday, Nov 16
  • Brewing Community - Friday, Nov 18, 8:15-9:15
  • Thanksgiving Break-No School - M-F, Nov 21-25
  • Minimum Days -  11/28-12/2
  • Kindergarten Tours - Wed-Thurs, Nov 16- Jan12
  • December PPTG Meeting - Wednesday, Dec 7

Key Topics…


  • 242 walkers up 16 from last year
  • 75% of kids
  • $37,000 as of today
  • net $35,000
  • Volunteers please fill out surveys

Ice Cream party-

  • Still need 6 volunteers
  • Next Tuesday, Nov 8
  • 12:30-2:30ish

4th grade report

  • Ms. Ana & Ms. Killebrew
  • The classes just did a play about growth mindset.
  • Teaching about different ways to be smart. 
  • Poetry to represent through words.  Telling the story of our learning through poetry.
  • Personal narrative.
  • Science-
  • Human brain
  • Aquatic environments
  • Living and non living creatures-designing experiments.
  •  A fair experiment, what is that?
  • Math-
  •  have to be able to talk about math not just do it
  • Writing & California studies
  • Creating their own museums


  • Coming up with inventions.
  • Weekend watering. Sound proofing-portable.
  • Sketch-model. Prototype.
  • Field study-
  • Study of water.  Gather data for scientific method in the sf bay. 
  • The bay such a big resource. 
  • Jr. coach friendship ambassador. 
  • Make sure new students feel welcome.
  • Make sure all students feel good in the outdoor space.
  • Teachers need help with multimedia.  Professional development
  • Need help centralizing some of the computer stuff.
  • They get equipment but teachers don’t know how to use the stuff.
  • Ms. Susan got a grant that provided 4 Ipad minis but it is hard to share 4 amongst the class.  If anyone has an old one that they don’t need she would love to have it.

Pick Up/ Drop off safety zone

  • Parent volunteers and 4th & 5th grade do the drop off zone so please use it.
  • North St. a pedestrian entrance only.

Can we have anything organized for pick up? 

DU Dinner-

  • 4:30 to 8:00 Saturday, November 5.
  • Dress in cultural attire.
  • Bring a dish.
  • Henna. Dancing. Scavenger Hunt. Photo booth. DJ
  • We need volunteers. 
  • Initial set up, Clean up, etc. 

Racial Justice Study group-

  • Jonathan, 1st grade parent.
  • Within our district there are inequalities for students depending on where they live, economy, etc.
  • Want to meet once a month to explore these issues.  How can we responsibly take action within community, family, school.  What can we do to help kids?

It would be great to have some workshops/speakers on this topic at PPTG meetings as well.

Mosaic: Scheduling Conflict

  • Recap-what is mosaic?
  • Weeklong camp. 3 different schools go each week.
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • 1st there was no teacher support-now there is
  • 2nd didn’t budget for it-but it could work
  • 3rd scheduling issue-
  • There is not enough space for both classes.
  • One of the weeks was during sbac and another during memorial day weekend
  • We will plan on doing it next year.  Budget for it.  Ideal to do it in the fall.
  • Each of the decisions that was made was made with the info we had. 
  • 5th grade teachers looking for another smaller experience for this current year.






AuthorSteve Mundro