Peralta Broadcast, reimagined. 25 oct 2016 Never lose touch with Peralta — or anybody — ever again ( Tweets ( to Watch Out For Forward to someone ( if they deserve this much fun FULL CALENDAR ( * Oct 26: Peralta School Garden is bewitched by a magical incantation that makes parent volunteers show up at ridiculously early hours to strew pumpkins about for the children, thus creating the annual Pumpkin Patch, a beloved tradition.Your child will then select The Biggest Possible One, which you will have the pleasure of lugging home, no doubt. * Oct 28, 2:05ish-2:45pm Kids struggle into costumes, parade through school grounds then do one Walkathon lap en masse around the community so that all can enjoy the glorious spectacle that is the Halloween Parade. Helpful (and other) adults welcome, especially in the struggle-into-costumes department. It's really cute. * Oct 29, 8:15pm Is Claremont Middle School in your child's future? And do black & orange flatter you? Of course they do. Consider showing up for Claremont's fundraising dinner, dessert and auction party @ St. Peter's Parish, corner of Broadway and Lawton, Oakland. Costumes or black + orange attire encouraged but not required. Online auction ( already in progress. Buy tix ( ($25/advance) or at the door for $30. * Nov 2 6pm, dinner that you don't have to cook; 6:30pm, PPTG meeting; 8pm you will be home by this time (or pretty darn near it), because our PPTG Chair is really good about keeping the meetings flowing and ending on schedule. * Nov 5, 9am-1pm If you like to get a little dirty on a weekend morning, this is for you. Garden Workday, sponsored by your friends in the 4th grade, open to all. * Nov 5, 5pm We will look for you. If you aren't there, we will sit in the multi-purpose room with our hands folded on our laps in silence, for the full three hours. The Diversity Dinner will grow cold and congeal unattractively, without you. “Did I Miss Anything” ( “There is no lake at Camp Green Lake.”

Which classic children's story opens with this line? First person to send the correct answer to this address (!) wins a personal reply — from me — and... a Peralta bumper sticker.

Previous answer: Tar Beach, by Faith Ringgold Winner: Raquel Dillon, a fierce and frequent competitor. Fun facts: • Faith Ringgold is still alive. • Tar Beach, the book, is based on her story quilt Tar Beach, which is in the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Next issue should come out Nov 8th, AKA election day. Around 2pm. For those of you who really want to celebrate that the election will soon be Finally Over. Stay tuned. Tell your friends.

For those of you keeping track — you know who you are — here's your hotly awaited follow up to issue #3’s breaking news

Helio Rodrigues, Man of Mystery

That’s what I was going to call it, because it took me about four tries before I could finally sit down with him. But when I finally did, there he was so sweet, I am now calling this article

Helio Rodrigues, Ray of Sunshine

Brace yourselves. Order is coming.

And it’s coming in the form of Peralta’s new secretary, Helio Rodrigues, who hails from Brazil originally, and more recently from Sonoma County, where he worked in a small, private school.

If Mr. H. has his way, he will lead the decluttering charge. “I like to keep the essentials nice and neat. I’m a very organized person.”

When I asked him to describe his job, I expected him to explain what he did. Instead, he did as I literally had asked, portraying the job as vibrant and fun, a lot of responsibility, but also much room for learning and growth, which he liked.

The kindness of his elementary school principal and teachers in Brazil made a lasting impression on him. “They were so sweet and great, “ he confided. “When you’re that young, you’re eager to learn and very motivated. They made me like school.”

When he has shuffled off this mortal coil, he’d like to be known for his creativity. “I like to paint, to make things in my studio. I would love to do more.”

And now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite utterly random game, Two Truths and a Lie. Identify which of these three statements is a lie: • Helio is an only child • He speaks four languages • He’s very shy

First to correctly guess by sending the correct answer here ('s%20lie) wins a personalized invitation to stop in and wish Mr. H. a happy married life, and a Peralta bumper sticker.

Last issue’s lie, from Pantaleon Flores ( : he’s not Pantaleon Flores IV. He’s III. Correctly guessed by, shockingly: no one. If this trend continues, I'll take it as a sign that Two Truths and a Lie must Die.

Our communal table: a place for food, family, friends, and folks whose faces look vaguely familiar from your daily minute correctly and safely parked in the dropoff lane while your kid scoots out

Breaking B(re)ad @ Peralta — You Need to Cook

The Diversity Dinner beckons you once again, its tables replete with foods from the far reaches of the planet (most likely from actual Oakland, but from afar in spirit and inspiration).

AND there will be face painting.

AND I’ve heard talk of henna, if some kind adult or teeneager-ish person wants to volunteer to do it.

AND dancing, thanks to DJ Denise, who apparently will be bringing the funk. The funk has received a personal invitation. That’s how you know that Peralta is not that terrible small town from Footloose. The funk will be there. Plus dancing.

In sum, it’s a free night out with the kids, in which you will sit at cafeteria tables that remind you of your youth, while your actual, current youth run around the school and play with the other kids, mostly ignoring you if you’re lucky, leaving you free to exchange more than a cursory hello with other unrelated adults.

Now, I’m going to get all serious on you:

Contained at the Diversity Dinner is a microcosm of human experience as brought forth from the many different families at Peralta, assembled for you to taste and examine and ponder. This will not be the only place such an opportunity has been gathered, but it will be one place.

Will you be there?

Saturday, November 5th, 5pm until the funk leaves, which is generally around 8ish, just as bedtimes start to beckon.

Credit to Tom Wayman for the poem “Did I Miss Anything” ( which I have liberally borrowed from and absurdly bastardized (also in the calendar section). Credit to you for clicking through and enjoying the poem as written. No bumper sticker prizes, though. Reading it will be its own reward.

Pictures of Your Kids, Walkathon Edition

Photos courtesy of David Weber ( . For those of you interested in seeing gorgeous, larger pictures of your kids, about 300 of his Walkathon pictures will be available here ( for a month.

As of Monday, all things included, you raised $34,475 at the Walkathon. If past performance is any measure, donations will continue to trickle in this week. Thank you, to all of you, for donating, for showing up, for buying sno-cones, baked goods, books and to your kids, for walking their hearts out.

If you've got school or class announcements, or interesting community events you'd like to share with your fellow Peralta-ites, or if you're just having a really excellent Pokémon week, please do contact me ( . We publish every two weeks or so. Kudos, complaints and scintillating ideas for future posts can go to the same.

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