Peralta Broadcast, reimagined. 8 nov 2016 Revolutionize the way you procrastinate, TODAY! ( Because regular long-form blogging is tedious ( and leads to fully formed ideas Sure, forward ( this. But who does that? FULL CALENDAR ( * Nov 11: Veterans Day. Not to be confused with Memorial Day. Not to be confused with a day when your children are in school, either. 3-day weekend. * Nov 14 Could it be possible to give enough thanks to your child's teachers? Don't answer that. Rhetorical question. Teacher Thanksgiving — FYI, it's catered, so no food donations requested, but personal thanks are always welcome. * Nov 15, 8pm: Inaugural meeting of the Racial Justice Study Group. For more info, contact Jonathan Osler ( or Ellie Wohlfeiler ( . * Nov 18, after drop off Caffeine-fueled cheery chitty chat at the 63rd entrance. Brewing Community. Again. The community that brews together stays together. * Nov 21-25: full week of agony. Thanks to Thanksgiving, your kids do not have school, but you probably do have work. Sigh. * Nov 28-Dec 2: holy crap, it's December already. Also, full week of semi-agony. Minimum day week. Yes, all week, pickup at 1:30.

Next issue may come out Nov 22nd, or we may delay a week Because of the Thanksgiving Break that means our little dirt spreaders will be free and so will I, your favorite editor

And now for something completely different

We're moving this over today. Just because. Next issue, it'll probably go back to its usual hovel, on the bottom of the left sidebar. But today — Election Day — we're getting crazy, mixing things up ...

“Girlpie hair smells clean and sweet,”

Which classic children's book opens with this line? First person to send the correct answer to this address (!) wins a personal reply — from me — and... a Peralta bumper sticker. Full disclosure: I am shockingly behind on bumper sticker distribution. It's not for lack of good faith. It's because I'm having trouble finding them. But I know they're in there, somewhere, in the PPTG Closet of Destiny.

Previous answer: Holes, by Louis Sachar Winner: Rueben Maness

Time it took: 7 short minutes

Diversity Dinner, a love story in pictures

Photos again courtesy of David Weber ( , who is a much better photographer than me. More pictures ( of you and your kids from the Diversity Dinner will be available for about a month.

You never write. You never call. And still, we publish every two weeks or so. Contact me ( with your kudos, complaints and genius ideas for future posts. Basically whatever you got, but especially compliments, because they really do make me roll over, show my belly and purr.

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